Tarotscopes for Spring Renewal - March 2019


Three of Cups

Pisces, this month is all about friendship and community.

Make it a priority to spend time with your current groups of friends, and expand your social circle. Organize a co-working session at a coffee shop, invite your neighbors over for dinner, or go out and dance with friends.

There’s something special about connecting with a like-minded group of people, and it’s different than a one-on-one connection. You’re here to help each other heal and thrive as individuals, and to create group belonging and interdependence. Together as a community, you can then bring more love and connection out into the world.

Ace of Knives (Swords)

Aries, March brings you a breath of fresh air. The Ace of Knives signals a new understanding, a state of clarity, or one “aha!” moment where an idea clicks in your mind.

If you’re ready to start something fresh, or change your state of mind, this is the month to start making space for that newness to come in.

Pick something that clears your mind, and do it for 10 minutes a day.

That might be journaling, closing your eyes and counting your breaths, or walking around your neighborhood and noticing the daily changes in scenery. The idea will come, trust it.

Five of Pencils (Wands)

Shake it up and let it be messy, Taurus. Five of Pencils shows an invigorating energy state, where you get to blow off steam to clear anything that feels stuck.

Give yourself time to vent your frustrations, and to spout creative ideas. Maybe set a 20 minute timer a couple of times this month to rant or freestyle rap, or dance around your living room like a muppet.

There’s a feeling of chaos with this energy, but it’s good fertile chaos, so take advantage of it.  

Sometimes you need to shake things up so they can settle back in place more smoothly.


King of Lemons (Pentacles)

Gemini, you’re here for a reason, and we need you. The King of Lemons knows why they’re here, and so do you, at some level. You’re here in order to be fully yourself, doing the things you love.

That reason-for-being may tie into your career, and it can also show up in your relationships, and the way you move through the world. Whatever corner of the planet you’re on, make it yours. Grow a little bigger, fill your space.

Practice being proud of yourself, just as you are.

There’s some core you-ness in everything you do. If you look, you’ll recognize it.

The Devil

You’ve grown so much, Cancer. This card shows up when you’ve hit a point in your evolution that is so big, it scares your brain.

You might feel pulled back into old patterns of avoidance, just because they feel familiar. You’re doing great, and this is just a temporary reaction to growth. It will calm down if you can be gentle with the parts of yourself that are scared. That’s the gift of The Devil card, to reflect that you’re making changes.

You can be scared, and still be incredibly powerful, remember that.

Be here for all parts of yourself.

The World

Leo, you are complete in yourself. Everything you’ve experienced, thought, learned, and created, has added up to make you the person you are today. Nothing was wasted.

This month shows you at a point of graduation, where you wrap up a huge cycle and move toward a new one.

Before you move on, take time to bask in your whole-ness. You made it.

Enjoy where you are, and thank the past versions of you for getting you here. And when you’re ready to look toward the horizon and plot your next move, know that you’re taking all of this with you.

Two of Cups, reversed

Virgo, March puts the focus on healing your close one-on-one relationships. That can be romance or friendship, or both. Two of Cups is about balanced and open emotional energy. It can be really intense to participate in a deep connection, so be gentle and not push yourself into any relationships.

Look deeper into any fear that comes up. Is it because something doesn’t feel right with this person now, or because you’re remembering being hurt in the past?

The point of this card, and your invitation this month, is to find healthy vulnerability, the balance between holding back and rushing forward.

Wheel of Fortune

What’s your relationship with change, Libra? The Wheel invites you to cultivate flexibility, so you can flow with all of the changes of life. The nature of the universe is change, and that there’s a bigger wheel turning your little wheels.

Something in your life is shifting, always for the better, but not always within your control.

You, as a human, are not in control of anything except your actions-- which is amazing. That frees you up from trying to control anyone or anything else. Let that empower you, because your actions can make a huge impact.

Eight of Knives (Swords)

Stay still and go within, Scorpio. The Eight of Knives shows that you’re going through a huge inner transformation. You might feel pressure or judgement for being still, but it’s not quite the time to move. There’s more to do on the inside first.

It doesn’t matter what that might look like from the outside. Know that you’re not stuck, you’re calibrating.

You are in the process of hearing your own inner voice, so you can choose the best way forward. Any quiet moments this month are a gift. Take the opportunity to close your eyes, still your body, and listen to yourself.

The Sun, reversed

Let the sunshine in, Sagittarius. This month offers you clarity, warmth and power, and your job is to open up and accept it. It’s ok to prioritize being happy.

Interestingly, this was also your card for October 2018, so look over the past few months.

The days are getting longer now, the sun is coming back. What did you learn over the winter that you’re ready to put into action? What connections with your various inner selves are stronger? Which areas of your life could welcome more light and joy? The Sun, and the literal sun, can recharge you.

The Empress, reversed

Face it, Capricorn, you’re a beautiful, sensuous being. The Empress is the card of beauty, creativity, receptivity, and free-flowing joyous abundance. This card is associated with femininity, motherhood, and nature.

That all sounds lovely, but does any of it make you uncomfortable, or think, that’s not me?

This month will help reconcile you to your inner Empress.

There’s a way that you can make this energy your own, and enjoy your own beauty and creativity. What brings you pure pleasure? What makes you feel beautiful? What makes you feel valued? More than anything the Empress unapologetically revels in life, and you can, too.

Queen of Lemons (Pentacles)

Aquarius, March invites you to explore your personal connection with nature. Yes, you are stardust, but it’s also true that every cell in your body is made of the Earth. Your home, your work, your money, everything you value, it all depends on this planet.

Take a minute now and then to look around you and think, this is made out of the earth, and send a little gratitude.

Even on the subway or a plane, even checked out on your phone, you’re part of the earth. It always supports you, and the more you’re aware of it, the stronger you’ll feel.

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