Tarotscopes for Passionate Creatives - February 2019


King of Pencils (Wands)


Happy birthday month, Aquarius! You are starting this month in a blaze of glory, with all of us just basking in your glow. As you step into your role as a creative leader, you find you just have more and more drive.


This King of Pencils card reminds you that when you’re at your most creative, that inspires people around you, and their passion reinvigorates you, which makes you a better leader, which helps people more. It’s a whole organic cycle. The more “you” you are, the more it works. Start with where you’re most passionate and driven, then create, share, lead.


The Emperor

Your life, your rules, Pisces. February offers you a master class in Emperor energy. Curriculum includes: standing tall, taking up space, and setting the structure for your life.

Thesis assignment: decide what you want, what you stand for, and the actions you’re willing to take to get what you want in a way that exemplifies what you stand for. You don’t have to master all of this all at once, but give it the old college try. In each situation, experiment with acting as if you were very powerful and important, the benevolent ruler of yourself, empowering others to rule themselves.  

The Empress, reversed

Aries, reconnect with your inner Venus--wait, hear me out! If you’re naturally inclined (or socially conditioned) to be driven and rational, lush nurturing stuff may not be your thing. So with the Empress upside-down, you get to contemplate this energy abstractly, and ease yourself in. From here, receptivity looks good! Free-flowing creativity sounds good! Love and pleasure feel good!

As the month progresses, you’ll start to recognize that all of these things are in fact part of your nature. Take whatever time you need see your inner Empress. It’s one of the numerological cards of 2019, so February marks just the beginning.

Ace of Pencils (Wands), reversed

Wait for the right spark, Taurus. You’re ready to start something new, and there’s great potential. A tiny bit of patience is all you need. This card is about new or renewed passion, creativity, and life force.

When the sparkly things come up this month, and there will be many, wait to be sure before you grab. You’ll know the right one by the way it lights you up. If the Ace of Pencils is a literal spark, your beautiful Taurus life is a perfect Eagle Scout firewood arrangement. You can take that spark, and keep it burning for a long time.


Ten of Knives (Swords)

Congratulations, Gemini, you have officially reached the end of a way of thinking! What’s next, Disneyland? Not even joking here, you have gone through a lot of thinking and talking and figuring-out and that deserves some celebration.

At minimum, rest up so you can digest the lessons you’ve learned. This ending isn’t meant to hurt you, it’s meant to clear you out for more insight into your life. As you process this ending, you’ll start to get little glimpses of what comes next. Doesn’t it look a little brighter? Aren’t you curious about what it could be?

Ace of Knives

Cancer, February offers you clarity. In the midst of lots of buzzing ideas this month, something stands out. Maybe it’s a single idea that clicks, maybe it’s recognizing a pattern, and maybe it’s a general feeling of understanding. Aces mark a beginning or a resurgence, and like a gift from the universe that you can receive, but you can’t force.

If you want a breath of fresh air, open the metaphorical window. To invite in new ideas, listen to new people. Take five minutes a day to jot down your thoughts. Or re-read your journal from six months ago, and let past-you inspire present-you.

The Tower, reversed

February shakes things up for you, Leo. Structures that you’ve spent a lot of time and energy building, are about to come crashing down. Know that anything that comes apart this month has already served its purpose for you. It’s like an eggshell that has kept you safe until you’re strong enough to crack it on your own.

And that’s what this reversed Tower feels like, a self-initiated change. Call on your courage, because starting is the hardest part. Once you commit to this change, it has its own momentum. Leave the rubble where it falls, you don’t need it anymore.

King of Knives

Virgo, this is your month to speak up. The King of Knives is a leader and decision-maker in the realm of the mind, someone who serves the collective by externalizing their deepest thoughts. In short, you’ve got something to say that we all need to hear. And this isn’t academic, this is something very personal to you.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve you’ve lived through? What is the thing you’re most passionate about changing in the world? Practice speaking on these matters to friends and family, and take the conversation bigger when the opportunity presents itself.

The Chariot, reversed

What’s your hurry, Libra? First, please note that this is still 100% Chariot energy, you are still going where you want to go. But the reversal says, kick the tires one more time, make sure your vehicle is balanced. And more to the point, make sure your motivation is in balance.

Go because you actually want to move forward, not because you’re trying to get away from something. It’s totally natural to want to succeed and be seen as a success. Your life can totally look good from the outside, but you’ll enjoy it more if it feels good from the inside.

Four of Pencils (Wands), reversed

Make time to play this month, Scorpio. You’ve been doing all kinds of deep work, and you may be worried that time off is frivolous. But it’s necessary. In fact, your next deep work assignment is learning to set the space and time for play. First because it’s fun, and second, because you deserve it, and third, because energy put into joy and community is never wasted.

If it helps you value playtime, put it on your calendar and wrangle your friends. Dance party, improv night, bike tour, karaoke--whatever sounds fun.Structured play will help you evolve your creativity.

Two of Pencils (Wands), reversed

February asks you to go deep, not wide, Sagittarius. This is your time to work towards being master of one thing, rather than a jack of all trades. Remember that thing that felt so important to you a month or a year ago?

Maybe you took a break because you hit a wall, or you didn’t feel ready to really commit at the time. If you go back to it now, you have the opportunity for a creative breakthrough. And if it doesn’t work out, at the very least it’ll be fully done, freeing you up for new things.


Page of Lemons (Pentacles)

Let your body take the lead, Capricorn. This month, following a powerful eclipse season, you get the chance to recharge and recalibrate. Your guide is this playful, innocent messenger who reminds you that you learn best by experiencing the world through your body. Cultivate curiosity about the material world.

Check in with your five physical senses throughout the day - what do you see, hear, smell, taste, feel? How does your body feel at certain times, in certain places, or after certain foods or exercise? You’re gathering data; hold off on theories for now, and just experience.

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