December Tarotscopes to Access Your Inner Magic

Four of Cups, reversed

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Happy birthday month, Sagittarius! It’s highly unusual to get the same card two months in a row. That means you have been doing some deep work with emotional stability, and it’s paying off.

You’re learning to allow each feeling to flow through you, rather than unbalancing your little feelings-cup by trying to hold onto one or push another away.

You spent November clearing out old feelings, and now in December, you get to see some of the fresh new energy come in. You can see your emotions as messengers, bringing you info. You are safe to feel it all, and let it all flow. 

Two of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed

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Capricorn, superhero though you are, you are still human. Two of Lemons asks you to adjust your expectations for yourself. You’re eminently valuable, even if you’re “only” doing a human-sized amount of work. Your invitation this month is to cultivate balance in your daily tasks.

Life isn’t an all or nothing game, where your only options are either total success or total failure. Be open to both failing and succeeding, in many tiny ways each day, and you’ll find that you are still somehow doing everything you need to, as well as having time to rest.

Wear a custom bralette as a talisman for balance, your inner superhero costume.

Five of Pencils (Wands), reversed

December brings you a burst of creative chaos, Aquarius. This card shows energy going in all directions all at once, and it often signals a need to let loose, and shake things up.

It’s a great time of year to release pent up energy.

You can sing carols at the top of your lungs, go outside and stomp, run around with kids, or get vicarious thrills by watching Home Alone. Your focus is just on getting your energy moving. See what creative ideas come up. Soon enough, it’ll be time to get organized and take action on those ideas. But for now, play and chaos are your friends.

Two of Pencils (Wands)

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Pisces, you’re stretching towards a new ambition this month. Two of Pencils illustrates the stage in the creative process where you’re starting to feel pulled in a new direction, even though your current situation is pretty good.

Trust that the spark you’re feeling is an opportunity for growth.

The old spark will be there when you come back to it, and it might even feel shiny again later. Whatever you’ve already learned, you can never lose. It’s coming with you. But you are also on this path to continue learning and exploring, and that requires a tiny bit of risk now and then. Follow that new spark, see where you go.


Six of Cups

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Aries, this month your current adult self gets to reconnect with your inner Lil Aries. That child version has some deep wisdom to share with you. To access it, tune in and ask how they want to play today. Maybe it’s banging on pots and pans, chasing the wind, or wearing clashing patterns. As adult-you does this childlike thing, you’ll start to remember what you understood as a child.

When you love life, it loves you back, because you are life.

This is the kind of magic that works during play, but sounds silly when you try to take it seriously. Lil Aries bring you into the right state to understand.

King of Knives (Swords), reversed

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Trust your voice, Taurus. There’s something that the world needs to hear, that only you can say. It’s ok if you don’t know what that is yet, or if you think it’s kind of simple and obvious. The energy behind a simple statement is unique to you, even if your words have been said by a million people before.

This month, connect to your message by asking yourself what you know is true, but scares you because it feels almost too close to home.

That’s where the power is. You’re ready to start speaking from your place of power.

Eight of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed

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Gemini, you’re itching to move on from the same old routine.

You have been putting in your due diligence, and you might worry that you’re not seeing results faster. But you’re right on time. And results are on the way, in exactly the form that’s right for you. For right now, keep going with your routine, and wrap up all open tasks.

No need to shave your head and move to a houseboat, just to feel different. Content yourself with small personal shifts in the meantime. Wear backless panties for a fun change of pace. Your external situation is shifting to match up to your internal changes. 

The Hierophant

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December is a spiritual month for you, Cancer. The Hierophant is a high priest figure, someone who was responsible for passing on traditions, mysteries, and wisdom. You are connecting with the parts of yourself that are both the story-keeper, and the eager student.

What have you been taught in your culture that you want to pass on to others? What have you come to believe, that you wish to un-learn? And what are the folktales, family stories, quirks, and calling cards of your ancestry?

As you connect both backward in your line, you form a bridge, between tradition and change, between earth and spirit. You choose which traditions continue forward.

Page of Pencils (Wands)

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What if you were doing all of this just for fun, Leo? Your focus this month is on your fire -- your creative, passionate, ambitious energy. But rather than putting this energy into “the hustle” and trying to achieve some socially-acceptable marker of success, you are invited to let the energy lead you.

It’s so much lighter and easier when you say, ok creativity, what are we exploring today? You don’t have to force anything, you’re simply making space for it to move through you.

Of course, one of the side effects is that you do tend to achieve some success and gain notice. But that’s secondary, creative flow comes first. 

Two of Knives (Swords)

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Virgo, this month, nobody’s opinion matters more than yours. Two of Swords marks a time for carving out quiet so you can hear your own thoughts.

You get a lot of well-meaning advice, but the only decision that will make you truly happy is your own.

Give yourself a little alone time each week, or before making a choice, to journal or think through your options. Close your door, turn off your phone, and wear a bodysuit as a symbol of sacred self-containment. With this time and space, your mind will become clearer, and you’ll have a stronger sense of what you want.

The Magician

You make it look like magic, Libra, the way you take inspiration and bring it into reality. No joke, it’s powerful to be able to create things in the material world. Maybe you’re not waving a wand to make it happen, but it’s still an act of creation to make a spreadsheet, a scarf, or a cup of soup.

Remind yourself that you are the star of your own story, like any good fantasy hero.

You are the one who’s on an adventure, discovering your own potential with each creative act. Gift yourself a custom robe, and each time you put it on, you’ll connect with your inner magic.

Three of Knives (Swords)

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Scorpio, this month brings you a beautiful opportunity for healing.

What’s one thing that had previously hurt too much to think about? You deserve to be free of this hurt.

Tenderly bring it to mind, and look closely at the bits of self-blame, unprocessed grief, and stinging words. You’re going to be pulling little shards out of your heart. One by one, you release these shards, until your heart feels lighter, freer, and more relaxed. You’re ready to move into a new year with your full range of emotion, with your heart open and healed. Wrap up in a silk sleep set, embrace yourself with new softness.

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Photography is by Emily Crombez modeled by Marisa Kimmel & Amalia Marisol wearing handmade Siobhan Barrett Lingerie

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