November Tarotscopes for Slow Self-Renewal

Ace of Cups

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Happy birthday month, Scorpio! For you, November is all about love. The Ace of Cups isn’t something you have to seek out, or work for. It’s right here, in your heart, inviting you to accept it. And this cup is full of the sweetest purest love.

Your challenge is to keep accepting this heart-cup over and over all month long. Love is always there, keep choosing it, keep prioritizing your heart over everything else.

Scorpio is pigeonholed as “the intense one,” so go ahead and experience the most intense joy and lightness. Wear a special bralette to help remind you to focus on the heart.

Four of Cups

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Sagittarius, What’s something you’re prolonging? And no judgement here! We’ve all held onto an idea, sweater, or friendship longer than necessary.

This month, let it go.

It’s like in Pride and Prejudice, bear with me, Lizzie has to be totally over Wickham before she’s even able to consider Mr. Darcy. What’s the thing in your life that seems pretty good, but is actually taking up space better used for something great? Knock that thing off your to-do list, bid it a fond farewell. And then get ready for the real deal to roll in. 

Seven of Knives (Swords), reversed

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Master strategist though you are, Capricorn, there comes a time when it’s time to move on from the planning phase.

This November, shift from information-gathering to doing. You may want to cut down on your streams of info. Check fewer news outlets, unfollow media accounts on social, and *gasp* read fewer books.

You already know all of the pertinent details. The real learning happens when you integrate information into your life. And you’ve got to take real-world tangible actions to make that happen. Practice that skill, write that chapter, have that conversation. You’re ready.


Nine of Knives (Swords)

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Aquarius, you’re getting more intimate with your mental health this month. Nine of Knives is about becoming aware of intrusive, repetitive thought patterns. You’re reaching the point where you can start to recognize when your brain is taking you on a ride. Then you get to choose whether to continue the ride, and have the whole range of anxiety and self-blame, or whether you hop off.

When you’re aware of something you can begin to change it.

Next time you notice a thought spiral happening, say “I am experiencing x feeling. But it’s not the whole truth.” Acknowledging the feeling helps. It gets easier every time.

Ten of Knives (Swords)

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November marks the ending of a cycle for you Pisces, in the way you think and talk about yourself.

You’re surfacing from some really long-held ideas, and when you look around, you’re seeing things totally differently.

Your mind has taken you to one extreme, where you think everything is stuck the way it is forever, that you’re stuck, and that life has to be hard. Now that you’ve run through the whole scenario in your mind, you can see that it isn’t actually true. So if instead, life is fluid and beautiful, who does that make you? What is possible for you?


Page of Pencils (Wands)

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Aries, you’re tapping into your natural fire this month. The Page of Pencils shows up when you’re ready to go deeper with your creative work. What actually helps you is a humble, studious approach.

If you want to expand, you’ve got to be willing to learn.

Yes, you have so many big dreams, and so many great ideas, but the way forward right now is to take things step by step. Let this Page help remind you that you can show enthusiasm through patience. Your fire will burn a lot longer and brighter if you take the time to build it slowly.

The Hierophant, reversed

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What do you believe, Taurus? What do you feel in your bones, about the world, about life, about yourself?

The Hierophant reversed marks an opportunity for you in November to examine your deepest beliefs, and live them out.

Some of those may be religious, sure. But some of those may also be about work, money, knowledge, and nature. Which beliefs do you want to keep, and teach, and which ones do you want to release? When you have your core values sketched out, you will have a clear operating manual for your life. Your beliefs always show in your actions. 

The Sun

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It’s all out in the open this month, Gemini. The Sun marks a point of clarity, like the brightest, warmest light is beaming onto you.

There’s no dark corner to hide anything, which is perfect, because you find you have nothing to hide.

All parts of you are present and accounted for, all working together. Wear backless panties, and literally let in some light. In the light of The Sun, you’re safe. You’re precious, and powerful. The hard work that you’ve been doing in the shadows this year has naturally led you to this point. What can you see now, that was unclear before? Let that clarity show you the next steps.

King of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed

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Cancer, you’re establishing some deep roots and wide branches this month. When the King of Lemons is reversed, it shows that there might be a little worry that you’re not doing the right things, or big enough things. But you are. The worry doesn’t diminish any of the good work you’re doing.

Growth doesn’t just mean up, up, up. Sometimes, you’re in a period of growth downward, so you can have a more stable base.

And you’re also growing outward, strengthening your networks. Remember to celebrate your mundane accomplishments, they’re what the flashy stuff is built on. 

Five of Lemons (Pentacles)

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Hey Leo, everyone feels less-than sometimes, even someone as extra as you. November offers you this opportunity to take good care of yourself in moments when you feel left out.

You can’t always control a situation, but you can control how you respond.

You can either choose to get all “woe is me” and step into a role as the lonely urchin, or you can say, I have a need that isn’t being met, and I’m going to do what I can to meet that need, because I value myself. Help is right there waiting for you to invite it in. Treat yourself to a handmade robe and remember your value.

Six of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed

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This month invites you to balance the give and take, Virgo.

Where are you giving more than your due? And look at why you might choose to over-give.

Like, if you find yourself saying, “it’s just easier to do it myself,” and then you do a whole project alone, that points to wanting some control, to feel more secure. That’s a totally normal feeling, no shade! But you’ll feel much better in the long term if you can ask and receive more. Start small, trust people to do what they say, and say thank you when someone gives to you. 

Eight of Knives (Swords)

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Pause and process this month, Libra. You’ve had a huge influx of information already this season, and your next natural step is to take time to sort through it all.

From an outside perspective, this might look like you’re not doing a whole lot. But of course, all of the big transformation is happening on the inside.

Carve out time weekly, to put on a silky bra and panty set, and slowly journal through things. You’re on your own timeline, no one else’s. When you’re ready to act on what you’ve learned, you’ll know what to do.

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Photography is by Ethan Covey modeled by Jordan Underwood wearing handmade Siobhan Barrett Lingerie

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