October Tarotscopes for Tiny Perfect Moments

The Empress, reversed

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Happy birthday month, Libra! For you, October is about relaxing into your own inner Empress, without guilt, shame, or “shoulds.”

When you slow down and soften, you open up to receive, and you let creativity flow through you.

This is actually quite a natural energy for you, though you may have been taught that logic and hustle are somehow better. The Empress says, beauty and pleasure are just as worthy of your attention, and they’re way more fun. Where can you receive and enjoy more fully? Dress up in your favorite matching bra and panty set, and ease into a beautiful month.

Six of Cups

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Scorpio, this month is a safe time to reconnect to your inner child. Re-read your favorite YA novels, or pick out a nostalgic candy, if that helps you make contact.

This return to innocence isn’t a pointless field trip, it helps you reclaim a key part of yourself that’s necessary now in your adult relationships.

Even the most jaded baby Scorpio has a hopeful heart. You can re-learn how to open your heart, because this part of you still knows how. When this card comes up, you are protected, so trust that your openness will be met with equal innocence.

Queen of Knives (Swords), reversed

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Your boundaries shape your world, Sagittarius. You’ve learned how to protect your time and energy with a good strong “no thanks.” This month, you get to refine your skills, and explore the boundaries you can create by saying “yes.”

Instead of focusing on keeping out what you don’t want, think of what you want to invite in.

Challenge yourself to ask for what you need, whether that’s requesting more syrup at a diner, or emailing a description of your dream job to friends in your industry. Ask, and see what comes in to fill the boundary you set.


lingerie bodysuitCapricorn, October brings you close to one of the big mysteries of life: your multiplicitous nature. You are the instinctual animal self, the intelligent personality self, and you’re the soul self, too.

No one part of you is better than the other, and you need all of them to live fully.

You’re experiencing this mystery directly, in your heart and in your bones. And your work this month is to lovingly get all of these parts working in sync. Approach the parts of yourself that scare you with gentleness, you’re strong enough that you don’t need to use force. 

The Hanged Woman, reversed

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Things haven’t been easy lately, Aquarius, but that’s starting to shift. Do you feel like you’ve gotten used to discomfort and struggle?

Where you’ve started identifying as a fighter, or a hard worker, it can be hard to imagine yourself in a situation where you aren’t constantly fighting or working.

The Hanged Woman offers you the chance to shed this one last layer, your belief that things can’t get easier. Because they can, and they will. You’ll get to know a different version of yourself. Wear a handmade harness to give you a tangible sense of loving support.

Nine of Cups

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Pisces, what if you decided you were already good enough? This month, the Nine of Cups invites you to revel in your accomplishments. Stop and look back over your life.

What are you most proud of? What are your fondest memories? When did you feel a sense of pure joy?

There’s no point in waiting until some later date to enjoy all you’ve worked for, or to put it off until you’ve reached some imaginary point of enough-ness. Try it out, even if it’s just for the month. Give yourself the equivalent of a lifetime achievement award, and do your acceptance speech in a silk robe.

Four of Cups, reversed

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Aries, October’s theme is stretching your emotional comfort zone to include new experiences and feelings.

Emotions are like water, they have to be in a state of flow, or they become stagnant. As you allow yourself to feel an emotion, it moves through you and makes room for the next feeling to come in. This state of flow is the key to emotional stability.

It’s easy enough to send an uncomfortable feeling packing, but it’s equally important to allow the pleasurable ones to pass when it’s time. You are bigger than the feelings, and there are always more good feelings on the way.

Ten of Cups, reversed

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This month Taurus, direct your attention to the tiny joys of life. The more you slow down and look for things to appreciate, the more you’ll find. The Ten of Cups is a sweet, optimistic card that says, this moment is all you need. All of the good things you dream of, they’re happening right now.

Maybe everything isn’t perfect all the time, but it’s full of tiny perfect moments.

It’s ok to admit that life is good, that you’re safe and you have enough. No more waiting for the other shoe to drop. Time is fleeting, enjoy it.

Six of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed

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Life is a balancing act in a lot of ways, Gemini. This month, you’re learning how to balance giving and receiving. You’re good at giving, whether that’s advice, help, time, or resources. But what about the other side? When you need help, do you ask for it? And when you receive help, can you accept it gracefully, or are you mentally calculating how you’ll pay someone back?

It feels to give.

Letting people give to you means they get to feel wise and helpful. What we trade back and forth is feeling and connection, and accepting help balances the scales. 

King of Pencils (Wands)

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This month asks you to step up and lead, Cancer. You may be feeling a resurgence of energy, and new creative ideas. Which is right on time!

People need to see what you’re doing, because it’s fresh and different, and inspiring. So please, be vocal and visible as an act of service.

With this surge of power also comes a sense of lightness and purpose. People naturally want to follow that kind of leadership. Yes, you’re doing a lot of hard work, but it can also be really invigorating. Order yourself custom backless panties as a nod to your trailblazing nature.

Death, reversed

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Leo, October marks a sweet ending for you. Through the past few months, you’ve been putting in the work of change, but maybe you haven’t seen things shift yet.

When change does happen this month, it will be gentle and gradual. Which is exactly the way it needs to unfold. This is a natural process, it takes time.

Whatever is leaving your life, thank it for its lessons. Death always clears the way for fresh growth, but first, just sit with the open space and notice how you feel. The pause between death and new life is a potent teacher.

Ace of Pencils (Wands), reversed

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It only takes a spark, Virgo, to create an immense light.

This month, be open to feeling a spark in unexpected ways, with unusual things.

That can be in your creative pursuits, in your work life, and in your romantic relationships. The Ace of Pencils marks a time of potent beginnings. So many little sparks are coming your way! Of course, not every beginning needs to be carried through to completion, but you’ll recognize which are worth it. Simply notice when something sparks for you, for now. When the time is right, you can fan the flames into the brightest light.

Tarotscopes are written by Moriah Simmons and delivered monthly, subscribe for updates. 

Photography by Dominika Stypula 
Models are Selena and Shaun wearing handmade lingerie by Siobhan Barrett.

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