Tarotscopes for Passionate Potential - September 2019

The Fool, reversed

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Happy birthday month, Virgo! September brings you a sense of endless possibility and potential. You could really start something big, you know? When The Fool shows up reversed, she says, Leap, even though you’re scared.

No amount of planning is going to make you feel less fear. Give yourself permission to not know what might happen.

When you’re afraid of the unknown, the only remedy is to jump in and get to know it. Get started now on whatever it is that you’re feeling pulled to do. Put on a hand-dyed robe as a superhero cape, take the leap and fly.

The Sun, reversed

Libra, September asks you to ramp up your optimism for your life. The Sun card offers you clarity, warmth, innocence, and safety. It says, hold the vision that everything will be ok.

Yes, a lot of things are hard, and a lot of the world is a mess. But approaching difficulty and oppression with love for yourself and your fellow humans is much more productive than approaching it with fear and pessimism.

Ask yourself, what’s the best possible outcome? Leave room for things to be even better than you imagined. Maybe everything doesn’t make sense yet but it will, you’ll see.

Queen of Pencils (Wands)

September cracks you open, Scorpio, to reveal some of your power. As the intuitive ruler of the fire element, the Queen of Pencils represents the part of you that’s unapologetically ambitious, passionate, driven, and sexual. This is inherently magical energy. You’re here to make some moves! So check in with your own inner fire.

What do you do that makes you feel the most alive and engaged?

Now’s the time to share yourself with the world in a bigger, prouder way. Maybe you don’t have an “audience” (yet!), but there are people in the world who are just waiting to see you shine.

Five of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed

Things are starting to get easier this month, Sagittarius. You may have been feeling like something was missing from your life, that if only you had that thing -- time, money, resources, connection, all of the above -- you could be satisfied.

Your focus is shifting away from what you don’t have, toward what you do have, and what you can do. This month, cultivate gratitude, and if you need something, all you have to do is ask.

Know that asking for help never diminishes you, it opens you up. Help is right there, just waiting for you to invite it in. 

Five of Pencils (Wands)

Capricorn, get ready for a fun and chaotic shakeup this month! The Five of Pencils shows an expansion of creative, exuberant life force energy. It can feel like everything is moving in all directions, all at once. Totally exciting, but also totally out of your control. The message with this energy is to let it shake you up, too.

Where do you feel stuck in your life, that you could use some motion? Move your body, make some noise, get out and do something playful.

You don’t need to force order in September, your life is being re-ordered for the better.

Queen of Knives (Swords), reversed

Time to get crystal-clear on your boundaries, Aquarius. The Queen of Knives is clear in heart and mind. In order to have a healthy distinction between yourself and the rest of the world, do some journaling. Getting it out on the page often brings up ideas you didn’t even know you had.

What is your truth? What do you stand for? Where do you draw the line?

When you know you, it’s easier to say no thanks to what isn’t for you. No guilt, no waffling, it’s totally clear. Wear a snug bodysuit to represent your immaculate energetic boundaries.

Two of Pencils (Wands), reversed

Pisces, ever feel like you’re being pulled in two different directions? This month, the tug-of-war ends. The Two of Pencils shows that you’re focusing on your ambition and creative energy, which is abundant.

You want to move forward, but you also feel drawn to staying the course and doing the same thing. This card reminds you that your only option is to continue growing.

That there’s no such thing as missing out. All of the things you’ve already achieved are part of you, and they will support the achievements yet to come. Your creativity is the continuous thread in all you do.

Four of Knives (Swords)

This month is all about peace and quiet, Aries. Give yourself quality downtime, so you can recharge your mind. You might think that rest sounds boring or unproductive. But it’s quite enjoyable when you make it your own.

Let yourself do the things that naturally relax you. If silent meditation is your thing, do that. If not, maybe you feel most meditative on a treadmill, or clear your thoughts by talking things out in a voice memo.

Even bedtime can become a beautiful ritual. Wear a custom nightgown, luxe lotion, and sip herbal tea to make sleep a sacred act.

Four of Cups, reversed

Open your heart, Taurus, September is offering you new connections. Four of Cups reversed shows up when you’re cultivating emotional stability. And that comes from allowing your feelings to flow. Rather than pushing down “bad” feelings, and trying to hold onto “good” ones, let each one flow in and out. You’ve been practicing, and you’re getting the hang of it.

The side effect of developing this stable relationship with your emotions, is that it frees up your energy to connect with other people.

You might be surprised by how gracefully relationships can blossom when you’re open to feel.

Ace of Lemons (Pentacles)

Gemini, the universe is offering you a gift.

You have the opportunity to start something new, in a real, tangible way. It’s like you’ve been handed a seed, and it’s up to you to nurture it, so it can grow into its full potential.

With the suit of Lemons, this metaphorical seed can be a new job, project, home, person, income; or it can be a fresh start in one of those areas. Ask this seed what you can do to help it grow. When you put in the time and effort, this new seed will thrive. 


The Empress, reversed

September brings you so many opportunities to receive, Cancer. You’re a natural giver, because you love how it makes you feel. Think of receiving as you give other people the chance to feel generous and loving towards you.

Practice receiving with grace. Every time someone praises you, say thank you. If someone brings you lunch, accept. When the sun’s out, feel gratitude for it. As you receive, you are re-learning how to feel the joy and pleasure that is your birthright.

Luxuriate in silky backless panties, as you embody the energy of Empress reversed. Trust that you deserve all of this beauty. 

The Tower

Leo, September marks a turning point in your life. The Tower is about the times when something that you’ve put a lot of time and energy into, breaks down and crumbles out of your life. That can feel scary, and it’s ok to be scared. But know that you are strong and brave enough to get through this, no matter what fears come up.

Whatever pattern is ending, whether it’s an inner belief or outer situation, it’s happening for your benefit.

This card is a powerful upgrade. When the dust settles, you’ll see the clean slate and fresh start you’ve been craving.

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