How to Turn 30 and Find Acceptance Within Your Body


I don't think acceptance is about comfort or happiness or pleasure.

bree gant wears nightgown in bed
Maybe fertile ground for cultivating those experiences. A few steps past tolerance and even further from just survival. 

Staring peace in the face, and that still feels like another decision or two away. Acceptance is more of a meditation, aligning with the present moment, flow.

I turned 30 this year. Now, instead of dreaming of another body, I dream with this one. We investigate movement and adornment and intimacy. We still argue about weight, but focus more on food medicine.

We stopped having sex for validation. I see myself.

I see the reflection of my soft heart in my soft curves and I think maybe that is enough. - Bree Gant 

Bree Gant is a multidisciplinary artist, dancer, educator, and documentarian reimagining futurehistories. Bree's practice emerges from self examination and social documenting, often in the form of speculative portraits, experimental video, and installations.

Bree was photographed by Tatiana Stephens wearing handmade lingerie by Siobhan Barrett:

Lovers Mesh Sheer Maxi Nightgown in Black Cherry

Lovers Mesh Bralette and High Waisted Panty Set in Black Cherry

Lovers Mesh Lace Sheer Bodysuit

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