5 Places to find Summer in Detroit

Summer has wrapped Detroit in its arms, and the city is sweating. Skin is showing, we are cartwheeling across backyards, chasing fireflies and fast love. No better feeling than water on skin - sweat, salt, lake, sprinkler. The ice cream trucks and street racers, parties that last beyond the stars. 

 handmade swimwear

 What are you wearing and where will you wear it?

Be it a bikini or a one-piece, let it carry you to places where you can linger longer, and splash until your heart’s content. 

  1. In your backyard. Spread a blanket and let your mind open wide to the sky. Count the squirrels, birds, or blades of grass. Modesty be damned, tune into a station you love and let its sounds carry far beyond your homestead; let your freedom echo into the streets. 
  2. Belle Isle. Join generations of river seekers and path makers at the shores of possibility. See two countries, wonder what’s next. Wander through old attractions, admire ships who pass unaware of who’s watching. Lose focus of destinations and let the velvet breeze carry you miles away. 
  3. On your couch in front of a fan, create your own winds of change. Eat a strawberry. Pick up a beach read and imagine you’re near the ocean, can you hear the waves? 
  4. Poolside with friends. Whether rooftop or nestled behind fences, lay out a towel and turn off your phone. Do handstands underwater. Play Marco Polo. Laugh until it hurts, eat until you shouldn’t swim and swim anyway. Cannonball, cannonball, cannonball. 
  5. Wherever you please. Seek no permission or forgiveness for adorning yourself in honor of summer. Wear shoes and shirts only if you need service, stretch your legs, get ice cream, feel the sun upon your skin. You know what’s coming soon, find delight in summer before it leaves. 

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Written by Alex Fluegel

Photography by Dominika Stypula of models Sasha and Shelbie wearing the Belle Isle Shelbie Ruffled Brazilian One Piece Swimsuit and the Belle Isle Sasha Ruffled Top Brazilian Bikini.


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