Tarotscopes for Self Fulfillment - April 2019

Ace of Cups, reversed

Happy birthday month, Aries! You’re offered the Ace of Cups, the sweetest upwelling of love in the universe, conveniently located in your own heart. This card is inviting you to slow down, and reconnect with your tender emotions.

What do you want to feel, and how can you give that to yourself, rather than seeking it from someone else? Ask questions gently, and give your heart what it needs. Believe you’re worthy of love. Love yourself until you believe you’re worthy. You will never run out of love, so fill your own cup first.


Taurus, this is the perfect time to reassess and balance your life.

Justice reminds us that there is order to the universe, and who better to embody order than you? You’re invited to take a step back and look at your own life with an impartial eye and see what is true for you.

What is working, and what needs some work? Where are you being too hard on yourself, and where are you letting things slide? Once you take this clear impartial look, change is almost inevitable. Justice challenges you to act on your truths.


Judgement, reversed

Gemini, this month the universe has you on speed dial. Judgement is about feeling a call to transcend from the mundane to the spiritual realm.

Do you feel the call, but it seems too big or scary or difficult? Do you feel a call, but not know what it’s saying? It’s ok if you don’t feel very spiritual, and it’s ok if you don’t know your calling in life. The call pulls you forward, but you don’t always get a map. Right now, just be open to the possibility that you’re connected to something bigger, and you’re here to do something important.

Five of Cups, reversed

April is here to dry your tears, Cancer.

The Five of Cups marks a time when our emotional response to a situation is to feel grief, loss, or sadness. And when something changes in our life, even if that change is exactly what we wanted, it’s really natural to feel sad for what’s gone. In fact, giving space to our sad feelings helps move them through and out of our system. With this card reversed, you have done just that. And now you get to look around and notice, hey! there are two full cups, what a gentle, joyous relief.

King of Knives (Swords)

It’s time to speak up, Leo. The King of Knives is a leader in the realm of thought and communication, and they represent a part of you that’s ready to take up more space. Your words have power, because you’re able to put your spirit and creativity behind them. What is something you feel deeply? What is a cause or a belief that you’re ready to stand up and speak about?

When you speak or write, people feel your spirit and they pay attention. So this month, hone your powers of communication and use them to share your personal truths.

Four of Cups

Virgo, this month helps you cultivate emotional stability. Emotions are like water, they have to be in flow or they become stagnant.

The way to emotional stability, according to this card, is to create a practice that encourages flow. So rather than pushing down any feeling, give yourself time and space to feel it. Write in a journal or talk it out, or cry or take a bath. When you’ve felt whatever feeling has presented itself, then you can move onto another, taking each as it comes in its proper order. Try it out this month, and see if you feel more emotionally secure.

The High Priestess, reversed

This month, Libra, learn to read your body’s oracle. Your body holds so much information about your emotions, your environment, and the universe. And it is constantly offering up wisdom, encoded in urges and sensations.

You have the chance this month to deepen your intuition by paying attention to your body’s signals. When you notice body feedback, ask your body what it is telling you. Sometimes it’ll be “I need a nap,” and other times it will be, “that’s a good person,” or “my ancestors ate this food.” You’re the only one who can decode your body’s messages, what do they say?

Ten of Knives (Swords), reversed

End of the line, Scorpio, and what a relief. This month you’ve reached the end of a way of thinking.

When we’re stressed or worried, our brain sorts for thoughts that support that mood. So a stressed brain will replay all of the times you’ve failed before, and project all the possibly ways to fail again. Like knives, those thoughts can hurt you. And sometimes, like this month, you get a break and can say, no, I’m ready to think something better and feel better. The Ten of Knives reversed shows that you can start pulling out those self-blaming thoughts, one at a time.

Seven of Pencils (Wands), reversed

Sagittarius, you don’t have to prove anything anymore.

Sometimes life feels like one big game of Whack-a-Mole, and it’s all you can do to hit one task before the next one pops up. Then when the game stops, you’re still on edge, holding your mallet tight, ready to whack. Seven of Pencils reversed says, the game is all the way over. You don’t need to stay on alert, ready to defend your ground anymore. Gently ease back on your vigilant stance, you’ve done what you need to. All of the work you’ve done still counts. Rest now, and recharge.

Queen of Knives (Swords)

You’re clear as a bell this month, Capricorn. The Queen of Knives represents your most precise, subtle communication skills at work.

What do you intuitively know, that needs to be said? What is a boundary that you wish to create for yourself? When you know yourself, and can speak on your own behalf, you can have healthy boundaries. You can combine your deep feelings with clear communication, and be not too soft, and not too harsh, but slice right to the heart of the matter. Set aside some time to write or record your thoughts, and see what you have to say.

King of Cups

Aquarius, you have the chance to level up your emotional intelligence this month. The King of Cups is the part of you that hold space for your own feelings, as well as other people’s feelings, without getting the two mixed up.

The first step is to notice when you feel something, what emotion it is, and what sparked it. Then you can begin sensing where your emotions end and others’ begin. That frees you up to can empathize with everyone, and allow them to process their own emotions. Listening, then trusting people to take care of themselves is powerful healing.


Six of Lemons (Pentacles)

This month you’re balancing the scales, Pisces. The Six of Lemons invites you to notice what resources are extra abundant in your life.

Do you have time to volunteer, a skill to share, money to donate, kind words to say? Then be on the lookout for someone who needs what you have, and offer your abundance to them. And on the other side, what is something you need? Ask for it, and then receive it with grace. We all need some help and can give some help, and when we can give and receive as equals, we serve the balance of the universe.

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