Tarotscopes for Graceful Go-Getters - May 2019

Two of Knives, reversed

Happy birthday month, Taurus!  For you, May is about opening up. You’re on the verge of change and expansion, and you’ve had enough time to think things out by yourself.

Open up to new ideas, new ways of seeing, and new input from other people. Try a new style of lingerie, like a silk harness. The Lovers Ruffled Silk Charmeuse Harness in Chartreuse is a gentle way to explore an entirely new way of wearing lingerie. 

You don’t have to act on any of this, or ignore your own intuition in favor of other people's advice, you just have to allow it in to catalyze your mind. Let the new stuff interact with what you already know, and see how clear things can become.




Gemini, the Death card is about transition. We’re generally pretty afraid of actual death in our culture because it is the great unknown, the great uncontrolled. There may be unknowns in the world, true, but for you there are few un-imagined scenarios.

You’re standing on one side of a big transition, and you don’t know what’s on the other side.

To help soothe any fear of the unknown, give yourself some time each day to imagine the best, most beautiful, most uplifting things (like the Lovers Ruffled Silk Charmeuse Bodysuit in Chartreuse) that could be waiting for you. And know that what’s really over there, is going to be even better.

Five of Pencils, reversed

Cancer, things are falling into place after a period of fruitful chaos. This card is like watching kids at a playground, running in all directions, yelling, laughing. We need that kind of shakeup to get our energy flowing and clear old stagnation.

So this month, give yourself permission to let yourself be a little messy and chaotic. If you can’t logic your way out, try something absurd.

Maybe even run around on a playground. It’s reinvigorating, try it. Or make a sensual playground in your house and run around in the Lovers Silk Charmeuse Bralette and High Waisted Thong Panty Set in Chartreuse. Everything is possible, when nothing makes sense. We can only perceive “sense,” after all, within the context of “nonsense.” This shakeup is just what you need to re-order yourself.


Ten of Knives, reversed

Leo, this month is like a scene in a movie where a character stands against a wall, eyes squeezed shut, an apple balanced on their head. The archer across the room is going to send an arrow off any second, and then --thunk! The character opens their eyes, and hands clasped to their head, turns to look at the apple pinned to the wall.

You’re safe, but your nervous system doesn’t always agree.

Whatever perceived threat you’ve been bracing against, it just isn’t coming. This month you begin to release the tension you didn’t even know you were holding. Lay down in your softest Lovers Silk Chiffon Crop Camisole and Tap Short Set in Chartreuse. It’s over. You’re safe.

The Hanged Woman

Surrender, Virgo. Imagine that spelled out in smoke clouds like in the Wizard of Oz, except it’s your higher self doing the skywriting.

Surrender isn’t about giving up, it is about committing totally to the experience of right now.

When it’s uncomfortable just to be here, see if you can make it a game, or a meditation, and notice every detail that’s going on. Be curious about what you’re seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing. It’s all information. You’re in this period of stillness to learn something important. You’re not one to miss a trick, and none of this upside-down time is wasted. See it all, learn it all.


Libra, you are working through some deep themes around your essential Libra-ness this month. You may want to give yourself time to journal about yourself and the way you see the world.

What do justice and balance mean to you? How can you take action to bring more justice and balance into the world?

This card often signals a period of clarity and honesty, where you’re able to look straight at whatever is happening, and see it for what it really is. Not what you wish it is, or what you’re afraid it is, just what it is. Use this clarity to see yourself. Use the clarity to feel the textures around you or to choose some new spring lingerie.

Knight of Knives

Get right to the point this month, Scorpio. There’s an expression, “making a bee-line,” that comes to mind here. Bees go straight to their destination, no stops, no distraction, because they know exactly where the nectar is.

What’s your metaphorical nectar? What do you desire to have (new chartreuse thong panties), to say, to create?

Your best mode of action is to go for it, all out. Don’t waste a minute trying to seem less intense in your desires, or to politely small-talk for the correct amount of time before asking that burning question. Of course, be kind, and people will actually respond well to your directness.


Eight of Cups

On the road again, Sagittarius? Your intuition has been telling you to leave something behind -- a pattern, a way of being, even a place -- and you can finally listen and take some action.

Acting on your intuition is the best way to strengthen it.

But also, listen well and double-check to hear if that voice telling you to hit the road is actually intuition or if it’s fear. It’ll be a calm, quiet voice, that doesn’t try to scare or guilt you. It’ll just say, “this pattern isn’t working, time to stop,” and that’s the thing you know to leave behind.


Nine of Cups, reversed

Capricorn, there’s a lot in your life that is luxurious, pleasurable, downright heavenly-- and this month is all about enjoying it. You might have a little creeping belief that enjoying good things is not a productive use of your time, and your job is to show that little belief just how diligently and seriously you can enjoy yourself.

Practice saying, yes, thank you, I love this silk chiffon teddy or this job or this apartment.

This is the very last thing you want to half-ass, because pleasure brings in even more experiences to enjoy. Be the Employee of the Month at Enjoying Your Life Inc.

Queen of Cups

Aquarius, your inner life is deeper and richer than even you know. This month is your time to dive deep and get a feel for you really are. Set aside five minutes daily to feel your own energy.

Imagine that you are an ocean. Right now, are you a calm sea or playful waves or a tempest? Are your waters warm or cold, briny or mild, trench-deep, or tidepools?

Notice each time what changes and what stays the same. All of this might sound esoteric, but when you’re in Queen of Cups energy and you try it, you can learn a lot about yourself.

Six of Pencils, reversed

Pisces, May is “You Pride Month” this year. Never heard of it? Well, let’s make this the first one.

The Six of Pencils says it’s time to make some public appearances in full regalia. You, whoever you are in your heart, we need to see you out in the world.

There are people waiting to see your example, and waiting to celebrate you just for being.

And you’re one of the people who need to see you out there shining. You are lots of people, inside, enough for a whole parade. So whatever makes you unique, do it, and be proud of it, too.

Ace of Knives, reversed

Aries, this month brings you a fresh perspective and new ideas. In order to receive these ideas, make space for them to come in the way that they want to. It’s not always going to be the way you expect. You might want an email that explains everything, but you might instead see a billboard that clarifies something and hear a song that clarifies something else.

Your work is to gently open your perception to new things, lest your single-mindedness turn into tunnel vision.

You are simply surrounded by inspiration, breathing it in. You are limited only by what you choose to deem worthy. Fewer limits, more ideas.

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Photography is by Ethan Covey modeled by Nouri Hassan wearing handmade Siobhan Barrett Spring 2019 Lingerie

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