Tarotscopes for Inner and Outer Balance - June 2019

Nine of Pencils (Wands) 

Happy birthday month, Gemini!

There’s so much going on for you all the time, that it almost seems impossible to do more. But here you are, reaching a new high point. Essentially, this is the kind of level-up that you’ve been hoping for. Level up your daily self-care to match.

More water, better nutrition, and handmade panties to elevate your routine. A lot of opportunities come in this month, and while you can take a lot of them, you can’t take all of them. Choose well, and allocate your resources well.

Ten of Knives (Swords), reversed

Cancer, congratulations, you’re healing your heart and mind. A lot of times, our own inner critic feeds us anxious thought patterns, and it hurts. We can either believe the critic or challenge them.

As we stand our ground and say, I’m valuable and I deserve to be happy, that critical voice fades. Your love always wins over fear.

Mark this victory with a beautiful bralette as a soft amulet cradling your heart. Know that you can continue to love yourself and accept support in working with your inner critic and patterning, and you will continue to heal and integrate.


The Chariot

Leo, this month you’re building the vehicle that carries you through life. The Chariot shows up and asks you to make sure all parts are in balance before you start moving.

Balance the dark and the light, the macro and the micro, and especially the outer and the inner.

You want your vehicle -- all of the outer actions and identities you perform -- to be a reflection of your inner world, your chariot driver. When you have everything balanced and working in sync, that’s when you really get to take off consciously and intentionally on your path.

Four of Cups

Virgo, this month’s assignment is to simply be present with your emotions, whatever they happen to be. Allow yourself to be curious about the various emotions that come up from day to day. You’re the scientist cataloguing interesting wildlife, even though the wildlife happens to be part of you, too.

Identify your emotions, list them, track them -- hold space for them to show up unexpectedly and to change.

You’re cultivating a sense of steadiness, an inner foundation so that you can notice each feeling move past, without running away or trying to capture any of them.

Ten of Pencils (Wands)

Libra, your creative energy is powerful this month. If a wand represents your creative energy, and energy is timeless and limitless, who’s to say you don’t hold the exact same energy of every creative act?  

When you hold one wand, you’re holding all wands.

Every time you strum a guitar or sound out a rhyme, you’re connecting with musicians and poets throughout the ages. Let those creative echoes strengthen and fuel you. You’re holding every wand, and there are a million hands holding you.  Feel the power of creative connection, and allow your work to become bigger than just you.

Strength, reversed

Have you ever questioned your strength, Scorpio? Have you ever acted extra tough when you felt vulnerable or exposed? The Strength card is about radical softness, allowing yourself to be however you are, without rigidly controlling parts of yourself. Showing off power is a sign that you feel insecure.

Treat any insecurity with even more kindness. Get fearlessly close to your own wild parts, the scared and scary.

Wear a handmade harness for gentle and loving power play. Remember that safety and vulnerability are linked, and when you’re all out in the open, you have nothing to fear.

Queen of Pencils (Wands)

In case no one has told you lately, Sagittarius, you’re magical. This month brings you an interesting, almost alchemical process of creation, in two parts.

First, identifying and feeling into your deepest desires. And second, tapping into the power of your will. When you combine the two, you’re lined up to make some big moves.

It’s very natural to find yourself dreaming way bigger than usual, when you’re in this kind of energy, and it’s just as natural to take action. What’s your biggest creative ambition? What can you do right now to start it?



Page of Cups, reversed

Time-travel is on the menu this month, Capricorn. Your inner child is requesting a visit, so be prepared to reconnect with your inner little one. Go back in your mind to when you were a child. What were your favorite games, books, toys? What scenes did you draw, what songs did you sing?

Your work this month is to remember and to re-embody, so you can bring some of that childlike wisdom into your adult life.

Treat yourself to a box of crayons. Hop over puddles. There’s room for play in every situation.

Knight of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed

Aquarius, this month offers you a very important checkpoint around work and daily routine. You’ve been putting in lots of careful, slow and steady progress in service of a bigger goal.

It’s time to look up and make sure that the actual daily tasks you’re doing are still moving you towards your goal, and that the tasks themselves continue to be sustainable for you.

Make small adjustments if necessary, but stay the course. This phase is just about over, so you’re just checking in now to make sure you cross the finish line with the same deliberate precision as when you started.

Knight of Knives (Swords)

You have some writing to do, Pisces. You’re thinking about thinking, having an idea and letting the idea move you.

With all of this focus on the mind and ideas, it can be really helpful to get it down on paper or a screen. However you do it, get the ideas out and they’ll keep flowing. If you’re working on a bigger creative or analytical project, this is a great month to brainstorm and cover some ground.

Get it all out, then sort through it towards the end of the month, and see what themes surface.


Ace of Cups, reversed

bakless panties

What have you done for you lately, Aries? June’s message for you is to reconnect to your inner well of self-love.

You are taking care of yourself all the time, of course, but can you shift your motivation? Rather than feeding, clothing, and moving your body out of a sense of duty or habit, can you do it out of love?

Try it out, see what happens. Make yourself coffee because it’s delicious; go to the gym because your body enjoys it. And wear peek-a-boo panties under your work clothes, just because it’s fun. You give so much love to others, and it’s time to give some to you, too.


Four of Pencils (Wands), reversed

Taurus, the party’s over -- and actually that’s a huge relief this month! June has you assigned to sacred cleanup duty, which means processing all of the energy that your very important birthday season brought up.

It’s a good time for fond reminiscences, bidding farewell to the things that are done, and for building new routines that will support you in your new year.

Rest, recharge, reset, and re-order. Cozy up in a luxe robe and review before you move into the next phase.


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