Tarotscopes for Sweet Summer Release - July 2019

Four of Knives (Swords)

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Happy birthday month, Cancer! Your gift from the universe comes in the form of a sacred pause.

You’ve been doing so much clearing and growing, and now your mind needs some rest to integrate these changes.

Any activity that gives your body and mind something to do, essentially creates a container for mental rest. Running, yoga, cooking, knitting, meditation, pottery. Work with these containers to give yourself a healthy mind-body balance. Make good decisions for your body so it can keep supporting your mind. Wear a bodysuit to honor your physical container, and thank your body for being a safe haven to rest.


Seven of Pencils (Wands)

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Leo, July is a month of maintaining the ground you’ve gained. You’ve had a measure of success, now you’re in the phase where you are simultaneously maintaining the level you’ve reached, processing what you’ve learned, and keeping an eye out for your next opportunity. It’s a lot, but you can do it.

Think of this month like holding onto the mic and the crowd’s attention, going into a second encore, even though you’ve put in a full stage set already.

You are pushing your capacity to perform, in all kinds of ambitious and creative ways.

Two of Lemons (Pentacles)

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Virgo, July reminds you to keep it simple.

The most skilled artists and athletes take time to work on their form, and that’s what you’re doing now. Your keyword is balance.

This is how you build steady, lasting, mastery in your life. Do a little bit at a time, and focus on doing it well. If you’re a runner, work on gait; if you’re a writer, work on plot structure. And for my service-driven Virgo friends, remember that balance also requires you to rest from work and tend to yourself. Wear a beautiful handmade wrap around one piece swimsuit to keep that feeling of care and balance close.

The Hanged One, reversed

stephany one piece swimsuit

To the casual observer, Libra, you might look calm and unbothered, business as usual. But underneath the surface, you’re going through some huge changes. The Hanged One reminds you that you’re only in control of yourself.

Being in this energy can feel vulnerable, so it’s nice to wrap up in a one piece swimsuit as a layer of soft protection.

This month, you may not be in a place to move or take a lot of outward action, so focus your energy on paying attention and staying present. The outside changes will catch up to the inner changes soon.

Ten of Pencils (Wands), reversed

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Creative energy moves in cycles, Scorpio, and July is a turning point. You’re near a high mark in your energy output now. After this, the natural thing for you is to start ramping down. This is happening right on time for you.

It can feel really freeing to let go of old projects and passions that didn’t quite work, to pull back from connections where you’re the only one putting in effort, and to take notes on what you want to do differently next time.

This time of release happens so you can build back up, and get better every round.

Seven of Cups


Tell me what you want, what you really really want, Sagittarius. The Seven of Cups shows all of the enticing options you have open to you this month.

It’s like the universe is offering you a buffet of all of your favorite foods. Before you choose, ask yourself if there’s something that you desire at a deep level, that you might even hesitate to name.

That’s the cup to choose now, because it will keep you full. All of the other cups will still be there later, but they’re really showing up to help you distinguish a true deep “Yes” from a “sure, why not.”

Eight of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed

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Capricorn, your work ethic is literally magical. You’ve been plugging away, and this card shows up to acknowledge your work, and remind you that the outer payoff is on the way, but the inner payoff is already here.

In July, you strengthen your ability to feel the magic present in every moment. Every day you’re alive can be a ritual of gratitude and wonder.

Honor the personal growth taking place, thanks to your outer work. Wear custom made swimwear as a celebration of everyday magic. If you can appreciate where you are now, you’re better able to appreciate that breakthrough when it comes.

The Star


Aquarius, July is an important month of renewal for you.

You hold a light of healing energy for the collective, and to access it, you need to let the collective heal you first. This month, rest and sleep are sacred for you.

You might even want to acknowledge the healing energy of starlight with a simple bedtime ritual. Sip herbal tea, put on a special bikini, and ask the stars to protect and heal you as you sleep. This is the card associated with your sign, so it’s showing up to help reconnect you to your innate star nature.

Three of Lemons (Pentacles)

Pisces you are doing so much important building this month! Three of Lemons is about collaboration, working together with different people to create something of lasting value. This is grounded, real-world work.

Basic astro memes tend to picture Pisces as a dreamy escapist, but a Pisces on a mission can be the most pragmatic and productive one on the team. You feel deeply, and you see the big picture.

That’s what this month is about, bringing those exact strengths to every team you’re on. Put simply, the world needs you, just as you are, to do the work you do best.


The High Priestess

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Life is a mystery, Aries, and this month invites you to step in deeper. July is the time to connect to your intuition, your feeling senses, your inner wisdom. This is not the kind of wisdom that can be quantified or put into words. But as a person in touch with your intuition, living in the world, your wisdom ripples out and is felt in every action you take.

This month, invite your intuition to speak before the rational mind does.

You may want to work with intuitive tools like tarot cards, astrology, pendulums, and crystals. By paying attention to your intuition, you strengthen it.

The World

sasha ruffled bikini

You made it, Taurus! Welcome to one of the many finish lines in your life. This month marks the completion of a cycle for you, and a period of celebration and reflection before you start a new growth cycle.

While you’re here, focus on your accomplishments. Appreciate yourself and all of the hard work you’ve put in.

Spend time with your community, give thanks for all they’ve done to help you. All of this celebration helps you cultivate a feeling of wholeness, gratitude and hope. That feeling is what will take you into the next cycle gracefully.

Knight of Cups, reversed

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Gemini, you don’t have to go seeking for love and meaning, though seeking is definitely fun.

What kind of support and connection do you need? Can you ask for it directly, from people you already know? If you ask, then stand still, people will bring love right to you.

This month, devote time to cultivating relationships within your own community, maybe even invite people to your home, or the closest beach or pool. Hit the group text, send out an email. Make a date, and stick to it. Let people surprise you with how much they care.

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Photography is by Dominika Stypula modeled by Naomi, Sasha, Alyssa, Shelbie, Alexis, Stephany, and Kaprice wearing handmade Siobhan Barrett Bell Isle Summer 2019 Swimwear

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