How to Find Self Love Through Self Praise

The body. The physical form of the soul. Just as the pearl shapes and changes as it grows, so does the shell. Weathered, scarred, pushed and pulled by the tide, it hold beauty inside, therefore it is.

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For the love of self, cast aside any judgement and gaze upon the structure of your temple.

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Cherish. Embrace. Honor, all.

All that you are. Every curve, dimple, scar, color, every cell.

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For these cells are yours. They are the very fabric of your being. Praise yourself, praise each other. For you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Treat the self like the finest silk and dress it in the same. And when you do it, do it for you. 

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You are woman, I am woman. Together, we are women.

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Written by Morgan Bouldes 

Photography by Dominika Stypula

Siobhan Barrett handmade lingerie modeled by Morgan Bouldes & Morgan Hutson wearing:

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