Tarotscopes to Nurture New Growth - August 2019

Ace of Cups, reversed

Happy birthday month, Leo! This month, the biggest gift is an inside job. You are a channel for love. All the love you feel for the people in your life comes from you.

When the Ace of Cups shows up reversed, it’s time to pour some of that free-flowing love back into your own cup. This is the real self care.

Not that taking selfies in sheet masks isn’t fun, but what if you could truly care for yourself? This is an opportunity to find out. Treat yourself to a ruffled swimsuit, and dive right in to all this self-love.

Page of Pencils (Wands)

Virgo, time to reconnect the passion with the project.

It’s easy to get caught up in the destination, and forget to have fun on the way. Now is the time to be playful, to hold your ambitions lightly.

The reason you’re even doing what you’re doing, is because you felt a spark. Let that spark grow organically. Even with your most meticulous planning, you can never know the outcome. Let the unknown be exciting. When you can ease up just a little bit on control, and let the spark lead the way, your path is even better than you planned.

Queen of Cups


You’re going deep this August, Libra. The Queen of Cups signals that your empathy is turned up a notch. In this energy, you may notice you feel things strongly, or are more aware of other people’s energy.

This is a powerful time to accept, and even revel in your sensitivity. Throughout the month, check in when you feel a strong emotion. Ask, is this mine? If no, release it. If yes, ask what is it here to show me. Each feeling is a learning opportunity.

Connecting with water will help support you, either visualizing ocean waves, taking a bath, or going for a swim.

The High Priestess, reversed


Scorpio, your intuition talks to you all the time. But don’t expect, movie-style special effects. Being intuitive is so natural and human, that it’s easy to overlook. It’s like being able to tell the difference between 100 and 600 thread count sheets, not seeing a sheet stand up and talk.

When the High Priestess shows up reversed, she says, you already know the answers you need, it’s a matter of trusting yourself.

And you are eminently trustworthy. If there’s a critical voice in you that nitpicks or tells you to ignore your gut, gently tell it to sit down, because your intuition has you covered.


Queen of Pencils (Wands)

Sagittarius, August is a month of creative explosion for you. The Queen of Pencils takes that fiery energy you know so well, and puts it to work in service of deeply-felt truths. This is an energy that encourages you to own your ambition, creativity, and sexuality, and know that they’re part of your power.

What do you want to express this month, straight from your soul? How can you be fully, unapologetically yourself?

Wear a beautiful bralette and affirm that you deserve to desire, you deserve to create. When you’re at home with your power, it’s magnetic. 

Three of Pencils (Wands)

Capricorn, your past can help guide your future. Looking back, what did you enjoy that you want more of? Looking forward, what do you want to try next? The Three of Pencils is a card of creative expansion, where you build your practice while staying true to your roots.

Remember that all of life is a creative project. In your daily life, you may be creating actual objects, or you may be creating connections, ideas, feelings.

Put your experience to good use, in mapping your next move. Wear cheeky cutouts to remind you that looking backward can be exciting.

The Magician, reversed

It’s ok to make magic just for yourself, Aquarius. The Magician raises one arm up to touch divine inspiration, and stretches one arm down to channel that inspiration into material form. There’s a sense that with this kind of power, comes responsibility.

When you dream and create, you might feel like it’s only valuable if it serves the whole world. This card reminds you that you are part of the world, too.

Your personal happiness matters, and you are responsible for yourself, first and foremost. What magic can you create for yourself this month?

Ace of Knives (Swords), reverse

Pisces, this month offers you a new sense of clarity. All you have to do, is allow it in. The Ace of Knives can be like an aha moment, where something clicks in your mind. It can also mark inspiration, and new ideas. This is air energy, a little different than your comfort zone of water and intuition. But it’s just the contrast you need.

Open the proverbial windows, and let the air flow in.

Make room for inspiration in by free-writing one page every morning. Breeze around in a floaty robe, and feel the wind lift you. 

Ace of Pencils (Wands)

Aries, you are in for a new spark of desire. Ready?

The Ace of Pencils is that sizzling feeling of excitement, when you have a new project, a new goal, a new lover, or a new toy. You just can’t wait to engage with it and see where it goes.

You have the ability to make this spark into something great. Even at the very beginning, you can feel the possibility. Hold onto that feeling, let it guide you as you fuel this fire. 

Eight of Cups

It’s time to do things differently, Taurus. Eight of Cups marks a time when your emotions tell you that something in your life doesn’t feel quite right. And that requires you to make a change. Sometimes that is leaving a person or place, sometimes it’s admitting that you really are lactose intolerant and have to switch to oat milk.

What you’re doing is honoring your soul by moving away from the not-right, and towards the hell yes.

You don’t have to know what the right thing is yet, because the only way you’ll find it is by making the move first.

Eight of Lemons (Pentacles)

Gemini, you have the ability to elevate the everyday things. Yes, you are in a stage of showing up consistently, putting in the work, growing, and building. But because you can engage in your work at a mind, body, and spirit level, it’s never boring.

You can appreciate the subtle changes: the angle of sunlight as the seasons change, the shape of your muscles, the quality of your work.

Invest in a few pairs of handmade panties to embody this elevated everyday energy even more. Each day is a microcosm of your life, make sure it’s beautiful and joyful.

Seven of Cups, reversed

It’s ok to choose, Cancer. You’re moving out of your birthday season feeling like a world of possibility is open to you. In fact, maybe too many possibilities. They all seem great, and you’d hate to have to say no to one in order to say yes to another.

Your guidance with this card is, be honest about what you want, and go for it.

What a beautiful gift to yourself, to be able to say, yes, I want this. Remember when you make this choice, you’re choosing what you do first. The other options will still be open later. 

Tarotscopes are written by Moriah Simmons and delivered monthly, subscribe for updates.
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Photography is by Nola Logan Photography modeled by @bigbodymami wearing handmade Siobhan Barrett Lingerie from the Lovers Collection. 

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