Tarotscopes to Honor a Year of Growth - December 2018

Four of Lemons (Pentacles)


Happy birthday month, Sagittarius! This month asks you to pay attention to the physical things that serve as your anchor here on the earthly plane. Each mundane task provides the setup for more spiritual seeking, and more adventure. 

Time for some “adulting” with regards to your money, body, home, and possessions. Check in with your bank account, see if you can save more. Make doctor and dentist appointments. Change the oil in your car. You have a lot of growth on the way in the next year, so think of this month as prep for a very long and exciting journey.


Four of Pencils (Wands), reversed


Capricorn, you’re on celebration-creation duty this month. Your mission is to build in time for self-expression and fun, no matter what. Yes, it’s “the holidays,” or whatever. But it’s your season, too!

Dance to your favorite song on repeat, go to a pottery class with friends, or have an actual birthday party. The point here isn’t just presents or attention, it’s to have a fun-shaped outlet for your energy. You’re going to have a lot of creative, expressive, alive energy this month, and it’s gotta come out one way or the other. Might as well have fun with it.

The Chariot

Aquarius, the energy of The Chariot is carrying you through the end of this year and into the next. You’re checking off all of the boxes on the worldly success list. From even a short distance away, it looks like you have it all. But you’re feeling a pull to go deeper.


Once you get some of what you’ve wanted, you begin to focus on the why. First, take a moment to high-five yourself for the work you’ve done to get here. It’s been a wild ride, and it’s about to get even wilder as your journey rounds the next bend.

The Hermit, reversed

Share your wisdom this month, Pisces. The Hermit is a card about going off to gain wisdom, then coming back to share it. You’ve been on a deep self-study kick, taking time alone to contemplate and think things over. Maybe you don’t think you have anything to share yet, maybe things seem easier in your solitary cave than they do out in the crush of society.

But now’s the time to come back. There are people who need to hear what you have to say right now, and it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to come from the heart.


Knight of Knives (Swords)

Aries, you’re doubling down on mental energy this month. Thinking about thinking, writing about writing, talking about talking, buzzing with ideas that you just have to get out into the world. Be willing to learn about your own mental processes. 

This is a prime opportunity to see some of your thought patterns more clearly, and to be really honest with yourself and others. And be willing to listen as much as you talk. Part of your role this month is to share and collaborate, and lift up other people’s ideas, too. You’re a one-person communications hub, inspiration and action in sync.


Eight of Lemons (Pentacles)

You’re approaching mastery, Taurus. This year you’ve sunk time, effort, and patience into your work, in a way that only an Earth sign can: slow, steady, and sensuous. When you love your work, a fitting reward is more of that work. Doing work you love every day sounds pretty good, right? And work here can mean your career, but it can also be a personal project.

The key is practice, showing up consistently each day. 

That’s what mastery is, an ever-growing body of practice.

It’s not something static that you achieve once and for all, it requires persistence.

Congratulations, keep going.


Nine of Cups

Look back this month, Gemini, on your own personal hall of fame. Imagine you won a trophy every time you did something that felt great. Patted a bunny in first grade! Learned to drive on the highway at seventeen! Stood up to an overbearing boss at twenty-eight! Ate an orange last night!

Go through your imaginary hall, and touch each trophy/memory. Do you notice similarities in which situations felt the most rewarding? Are there things you still want to experience? You’re here to center yourself in joy before moving on. Your life is complete, but there’s still more to come.

Nine of Lemons (Pentacles)

Cancer, honor all the ways you’ve grown this year. You have created so many actual, literal, physical things--isn’t that amazing? Each of them has been an expression of your soul, even the spreadsheets and cookies. You are creating the things you’re here on earth to create. You’re here to nurture these things to fruition, and then let them nurture you.


This month is a time to rest and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Look around at the life you’ve built, and be proud of it. Gratitude and pride are just as important for growth as ambition and hustle.

King of Knives (Swords)

Step up and speak up, Leo. December is your month to say the words you’ve been forming over the last few months. You’ve experienced a lot of changes all year, speeding up through the fall. This year has stretched your ability to see and understand the world around you. 

And there has been a lot to process rationally, in order to find the patterns and put them into words. You’ve come to the end of the year with a clear perspective of how to move forward, an idea to rally people around. This is the time to speak, and to lead.

Knight of Cups, reversed

It’s ok to take emotional risks, Virgo. Sometimes asking for what you desire can feel like the biggest risk of all. You have such a big heart, and so much to offer, that it might seem easier to only give love and attention, without receiving anything back.

Giving puts you in a position of control, receiving can be vulnerable. But it’s safe, because the people in your life love you, and want to give to you, too. Give what feels good, ask for what feels good in return. Love’s gotta flow both ways to maintain balance.

The Hierophant, reversed

Libra, December invites you to trust your own spiritual authority. The Hierophant is a figure who bridges the spiritual and material worlds, and brings divine wisdom to earth. We all come to a point where we act as this figure, for ourselves. 

Look at where you may still be relying on traditions and teachings that you’ve outgrown. Every belief that you’ve adopted is available for questioning. Does it feel true for you, or is it just what you’ve been told? Trust your soul. And act on what your soul tells you; taking action is the fullest expression of self-trust.

Two of Knives (Swords)

Scorpio, it’s decision time. You’ve got almost more inspiration than you can handle, which is great, but you will have to choose which idea to act on first. No one can choose where you go next, except you. You’re going to need quiet space away from outside influences to hear your own thoughts.


This month, block off maybe an hour a week to sort through some of your thoughts. You don’t have to rush to a decision, or cut anything out of your life all at once. Know that with some time carved out, you’ll naturally find your way to the right next move.


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