October Tarotscopes 2018

The World

Happy birthday month, Libra! It’s really amazing to see how far you’ve come. In a lot of ways you’re a different person than you were a year ago, even a month ago. And that’s just as it should be.

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You are wrapping up a cycle where the theme was figuring out who you are. You have tried on a bunch of different identities, learned from them, and let them go. This month, The World signals that your work is recognizing that you are complete, you have always been complete, just as you are. You are graduating into a new phase of life, congratulations, and many blessings.

Queen of Knives (Swords)

Sweet secretive Scorpio, this month you are invited to be the Queen of your own personal truth. You are perceptive and you notice more than most. Can you maintain inner focus even when you’re being bombarded with outside information?

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You’re learning discernment around where you give attention, which helps you create healthy boundaries. You do not need to engage with every detail that you notice. If an idea, person, situation matches up with your personal truth, then engage. If it’s not a match, you can say a clear “No,” kindly, but no explanation necessary.

The Sun, reversed

Why make things complicated, Sagittarius? This month offers you a lot of clarity about who you are and what you want out of life, but the clarity may not necessarily come in the form you’d prefer.

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You want to understand the universe, and sometimes that means coming back to basics rather than going on a quest for hidden knowledge. Keep your focus on what actually is happening, and see what light is shed in everyday occurrences. Stay present and look for ways to enjoy and engage, so you can bask in the simple sweet truth.


Queen of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed

Capricorn, this month, your body is queen. Listen to her, do as she asks, trust her. 

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There is a little hesitation here with the reversal, so maybe approach with curiosity, to engage more openly. Try asking, body, what do you need today? Rather than saying body, you’re going to get this food and this exercise and this rest because that’s what the mind thinks you should have. A body-centered approach to life opens you to different wisdom, the kind that can never be written in books. You will find your own embodied understanding of the world, and your own nature.


Ten of Knives (Swords)

Aquarius, this month marks the ending point of a pattern of worry or anxiety. Ten of Knives is by no means a light and fluffy card but endings can come with a sense of relief. 

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So if you’re feeling stressed, know that this is the hardest part, and it won’t last forever. In fact, getting this card means it’s already wrapping up. Some things you can do this month to help with this transition: rest, literally lie down and do nothing. Find an ally to talk to, or write down your worries, and then write down the opposite of each worry. The beginning of the end is in remembering that change is possible.


Page of Lemons (Pentacles)

Oh Pisces, what a beautiful month of playful work. You are invited to be your most innocent beginners-minded self, and treat your life like a lump of clay.

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Get your hands in there, get dirty, see what you can make of it. Then smooth it all out and make something new the next day. The Page of Lemons learns by doing, by playing. You don’t need to set any goals or a syllabus, trust that you are learning what you need to learn in every moment.


King of Knives (Swords)

Aries, let your voice cut through the chatter this month, and be the voice of integrity. Stick to your truth, even when it would be easier to edit yourself and make your words slick or packaged.

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There are some truths that have to be spoken from a place of passion. This is about your experience, and your truth, not anyone else’s. What you’re doing is setting a pattern of honesty and openness, and people will feel it. And they will feel that it’s possible to share their truth, too.

Eight of Knives (Swords), reversed

Your holding pattern is just about over, Taurus. Eight of Knives signals a pause, where you lay out all of your thoughts before you, and then check them against your intuition, your inner knowing. 

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To the outside world, it looks like you’re standing still, but there’s lots of inner work happening. With the reversal, this feels like you’re beginning to gather your thoughts back up, and you know which way to go once you’re ready to move.



The Emperor, reversed

Like it or not, Gemini, you are powerful. This month challenges you to own your power in a bigger, bolder way. The Emperor is about taking up space, creating structure, and authority, but you don’t have to be rigid or harsh. You can be the life of the party and a leader at the same time.

Is there any aspect of your life where you’re holding back from giving 100%, or not taking responsibility? Ask yourself what would help you really thrive there. And then go get your throne.

Queen of Pencils (Wands)

Has anyone ever told you how magical you are, Cancer? The Queen of Wands combines the energies of fire and water, a mystical union of oppposites— in short, magic. 

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She’s often called the witch card because she holds these opposites with ease and remains unapologetically herself. This month, claim your magic in any way you like. Feel your sexual energy, creativity, passion, intuition, and contradictions. All of these forces are your gifts, own them, and use them well.

Knight of Knives (Swords)

Leo, you are moving fast this month, with a sense of immediacy and purpose. There’s an idea that you just have to act on, that occupies a good part of your mind. What is it, this idea you feel you just have to bring into the real world? What is the first small step to take to make it happen?

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Because yes, you can make this happen, you have the idea and the energy, and the momentum. You just need to keep your actions in step with your mind. In a way, thinking ahead distracts you from what you need to do now. Think fast, act fast, that’s how you’ll get this idea to happen.

Nine of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed

Sometimes Virgo, pleasure is the only thing on your to-do list. This month, maybe you’re wondering if you did enough, if you helped and led and organized enough. And yes, you did. Unequivocally. The next task for you, a harder one, is to take some time for yourself to enjoy the results of your hard work.


This card is a beautiful walled garden, safe and abundant, and you’re invited to rest here and just appreciate yourself and your life. There’s not much action required, but if you like, make lists of things you find beautiful, people who make you smile, and places where you feel at home.

Photography by Michael Ash Smith of Maiya 

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