September 2018 Tarotscopes


Ten of Cups, reversed

Happy birthday month, Virgo. You’re invited to a love-in with all of the people in your life, past, present, and future. Love doesn’t obey the laws of space or time. So while you may sometimes worry that people will leave, or that things can’t stay the same forever, you’re both right and wrong.

Situations change, but love remains. It’s ok to go all-in, and it’s ok to be scared and joyous at the same time. In Tarot, Tens are both beginnings and endings, so let your expressions of love change in the ways that feel good and right for you.


Knight of Cups

Your riddle for the month, Libra: where you bring love, you will find love. Think of this as a mystical truth, or simple confirmation bias. Either way, if you’re looking for love and connection, offer love first. Reach out to make connections.

I love how this particular card shows not just one lone knight, but three fish swimming in the same direction. This says, yes, you are seeking beauty, love, and community, but you’re not the only one. Look up from your inner experience this month, and see the other seekers bringing love to you, too.


Eight of Cups

Scorpio, you always know when to go it alone. Sometimes a situation looks pretty good from far away, but up close, is a big old mess (thank you, Cher Horowitz). And this month when you get the chance to leave, you may not know what comes next.

This is the important part. Your path isn’t set yet, you’re not choosing between options. Choose yourself. Say yes when your instinct tells you it’s time to explore. Walk away from the places that no longer fill your cup.You are creating your new option with every step.


The World

Happy graduation, Sagittarius. The World is the very last card in the Tarot, where one cycle’s ending sets up another cycle’s beginning. Before you leap into the next adventure, take a minute to reflect and process what you’ve lived through this year or season or decade.

How have you changed since you began this cycle? What have you learned along the way? And because this is graduation energy, give yourself some love for getting here. Celebrate! Thank your family and friends, high-five your fellow graduates, and sign some yearbooks. Life school will be back in session very soon.


The Hanged Woman

Capricorn, September is your time to cozy up to the discomfort. The Hanged Woman is a card of deep wisdom found in vulnerability and surrender, which isn’t always comfortable but is always valuable. You’re even more inspirational when people see behind the facade.

This month when you find yourself in situations you can’t control, sit still, and pay attention. Rather than climbing up up up like your mountain goat sign, you can chill out upside down, and let go of a little order and control. See what wisdom is revealed to you when you’re patiently hanging out here.



Seven of Knives (Swords), reversed

Gossip can be a dangerous game, Aquarius, which, frankly, is half the appeal. Most humans love knowing secret inside info, especially about other humans. It’s not bad to blow off steam, or to get together with friends and process by talking things out. It’s when you mistake secrets for power or comfort, that you can do harm. Both to other people and to your integrity.

This month, check in before you snoop or dish, ask whether it’s really necessary. And let yourself be surprised by how people can grow, including you.


Page of Cups, reversed

Pisces, I know sometimes you want to toughen up, stop caring, stop dreaming, stop feeling. But even as you put on your face, you know it’s not you. It’s a reaction to feeling unappreciated, or underestimated.

This month you have a very simple invitation: remember that sweetness is your power. The more you own that, the stronger you’ll feel, and the more fun you’ll have. Give your inner child the validation they crave. It can only come from adult-you, not anyone else. And when you’re having fun, appreciating yourself, other people are going to want to play, too.



Three of Knives (Swords), reversed

Aries, this month your focus is heart healing. The places your heart has been hurt are very apparent, in close focus like the image on this card. This is a gift of clarity, a magnification lens for more precise emotional surgery.

With the Three of Knives reversed, imagine those knives succumbing to gravity and sliding out of your heart. Imagine flushing the wounds, applying a healing salve and the softest bandages. It almost doesn’t matter how you were hurt, by whom, or when. The important thing is taking good care of yourself now. Your mind will help heal your heart.


Five of Pencils (Wands)

Time to let out some pent-up energy, Taurus. Five of Pencils shows some fun chaos coming your way this month. All you have to do is let it shake you up a bit. As an earth sign, this may not exactly be your comfort zone, but really this is the universe doing you a favor.

Life is gently shaking things up to keep you from getting stuck. Some fun ways to work with this energy are to move your body (dance! boxing!), engage in friendly competition (intramural soccer or pub trivia, your call), and improvise whenever possible (recipes are meant to be improved).


Seven of Lemons (Pentacles)

Gemini, is anything harder in life than waiting? You have put so much time and energy into a project, and then to just stand back and wait, that almost feels like torture. You till the soil, plant the seed, water it, and then-- you guessed it-- wait.

At this point, anything you do directly to the seed is going to mess it up. Instead, see how much detail you can notice in this stage of your life. And have the proverbial basket ready for when all of your hard work comes to fruition, because it’s coming soon.


Eight of of Pencils (Wands), reversed

Cancer, things are up in the air this month, almost literally. With the reversal, this card can indicate some feelings of overwhelm or fear. What you can do is focus on keeping yourself down-to-earth when there’s a lot up in the air.

Give your body good food, exercise, and rest. Take a minute before going to bed or leaving the house to visualize all of your energy coming back into your body. Remember that you are the one who set this energy in motion, and you’re gonna be right here when it comes back down.


Two of Pencils (Wands)

Should you stay or should you go, Leo? That’s the question this month. After a transformative Leo season, you have some options on the table. As you weigh them, keep in mind that no choice is ever really either/or.

We think in binaries because we’re used to it, but that’s not how life actually works. So where you may see only two options logically, listen carefully to your intuition, and feel your way to the best choice for you in the moment. Your answer comes from feeling into the space between stay and go, between either and or.


Photography by Ethan Covey 
Jewelry by Jacto Jewelry
Model is Kate Feigles 

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