August Tarotscopes 2018

Page of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed
Happy birthday, baby Leo! And I say baby because with the Page of Lemons double-earth energy, you are invited to reconnect to the young sweet inner child that lives in your body. Let your body be playful and free this month.

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Don’t put too much of your precious energy into trying to control your body to look or perform a certain way. You are re-learning how to be truly present in your body. Many other signs are also exploring their earthly presence in August, and they will need you to lead by example. Show them it can be joyous and gentle.

The Tower, reversed
Sweet Virgo, you are on the verge of big change this month. Reversed, the Tower shows a softer, or more internal shakeup. It may be hard at times but this is what you’ve been working for. Stick with it. Remember that this is the “break” in breakthrough. You may not be able to control the circumstances of change, but you can control your reaction.

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Calm and restoration is inside the Tower. So pay attention, act as the observer when the walls start coming down. There is beauty and order even in chaos, and if anyone can see that, it’s you.

Libra, this month invites you to honor a natural ending. Whatever pattern, belief, or circumstance is ending, it has served its purpose and is making room for something better. This energy can make you feel vulnerable and scared, that’s totally normal. Even metaphorical Death signals the real unknown, and real change. Everything changes, and that’s beautiful and necessary.

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Give yourself permission to release the old way, and thank it for getting you this far. And thank yourself for being strong enough to change. This Death is shedding a layer to reveal more of your true, shining self.

The Magician
You’re making it all happen this month, Scorpio. The Magician has all of the elements at hand, all of the resources needed to bring their inspiration to life. To some people, that seems like magic, to you, it seems only natural. This is the time to take action on your creative ideas.

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There’s some healthy ego at work in this energy, in the form of individual expression. You know who you are, what you want, and what you have to offer. So speak up, show off a little bit, and recognize that the key ingredient in this magic is you.

Three of Swords, reversed
Sagittarius, August brings you gentle heart healing. This card represents a time when emotional shrapnel surfaces so you can remove it. Know that if something relatively minor triggers a big reaction, that’s your cue to look deeper. When you approach your pain with curiosity, you can see the truth behind the wound, and offer it the healing it needs.

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It is safe to heal now, and let the pain go. Your pain does not define you. There is so much more to you, and to the world, than that old pain. Healing is a path of self-discovery for you to explore.


Queen of Lemons (Pentacles)

This month you’re in your element, Capricorn. This Queen of earth energy is the deep intuitive connection to nature, body, and human existence. Know that your body is a sacred vessel, exactly as it is, without any changes, and you are invited to treat it as such.

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Every thought, every feeling is stored in your body. It truly is your temple, and every movement is an expression of the divine. This can be a lot all at once, but it’s there as something for you to explore, not to “do right.” Let your persistence bring you closer to wonder.


Two of Lemons (Pentacles)

This month brings you back to basics, Aquarius. Think of it as a review, like going to a beginner yoga class to practice your technique, even when you’re at expert level. And the lesson in review is of course, balance. You’re going for the most smooth, gentle, natural balance in each pose, with no need to show off how flexible you are.

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And take this metaphor into regular life, too. Do your work just-so, nail that sleep schedule, check off meal prep. You know it takes a lot of practice to do something simple, and you make it look easy.

King of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed

Step into your potential, Pisces. This King brings the fire of spirit into earthly existence, and invites you to do the same. There’s a depth of experience to this energy, like someone whose values show in every small action they take. That takes time and practice, and it’s your focus for August.

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So what are your values? How can you express your in basic daily life? Everyone is here for a reason, but you don’t have to know The Reason before you start living this way. Take enough small steps, and you’ll see the outline of who you truly are.


Wheel of Fortune

August brings cycles into focus for you, Aries. Whatever you can do this month to move with the flow is going to make your life easier. That means no backseat driving the universe, no trying to control how and when things happen.

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Sync your internal clock to the rest of the earth. Notice the weather, the sunset each day, the growth of plants, the movement of animals. Go outside and look up at the moon. You are part of this, you are moving with it all. When you’re in sync, you’re where you need to be at exactly the right time.

Nine of Pencils (Wands), reversed

Taurus, it’s ok to take a break, and you’re learning that this month. This card shows you approaching burnout and saying, not today. When you pride yourself on your strength, sometimes you forget that you don’t have to carry everything for everyone. You can be strong, and still turn down demands on your energy.

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First assess your current load. What tasks, worries, open tabs, are you holding that you can put down? Especially things you can’t change, or that are other people’s issues. Then where can you delegate or bring in help? You are strong, you don’t have to struggle.


The Sun

Clarity is at hand this month Gemini. The Sun shines down, and it’s easier to see what’s happening, what’s important, and what’s at the heart of the matter. The Sun shines through all the layers of adult-you and reveals the child-you still at your core.

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You are all versions of you, all at once, all safe and free. When you can see and understand yourself, you also get some insight into the nature of humanity and how you connect to the larger world. So take your beautiful multi-faceted self out, and share your warmth and clarity with other people.

Knight of Lemons (Pentacles)
Cancer, now that the waves of emotion of your birthday season have receded, you get to focus on the daily work of being a human. That’s important and exciting! This Knight brings air and movement to earthly matters, so you may find that this is a good time to re-commit to a project or practice.

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Both your mind and body are ready to focus on the task, slowly, steadily, and surely. It may not be flashy, but you’re making undeniable progress this way. And what’s more, this can feel really satisfying. August is your long slow jam, get into the rhythm.

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