July 2018 Tarotscopes

The Tower, reversed


Cancer, your birthday month brings subtle seismic shifts. You may feel the rumblings of deep lasting change, more like continental drift than an earthquake. Other people may not be able to see your internal changes yet, and you may not get outside validation for the work you’ve done.

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Keep looking within, that’s one of your strengths. This is a blessing that you have created for yourself. This is the change you’ve been working to set in motion all year, and it will be visible to everyone in the right time. Happy birthday, what a gift.

Five of Pencils (Wands)


Hey there Leo, are you feeling the need to unleash some of your fiery energy on other people? Because that is totally ok and natural, as long as you tend to your fire consciously. Treat interactions as group improvisation or collaboration, not competition.

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If you need to blow off steam, play and have fun with other people. Do your very best in a team sport or project. Or take it to the bedroom, like sexy royalty. Your energy is sacred, and you will feel more powerful when you use it for creation rather than destruction.

Ten of Cups, reversed


It’s all about being in the moment, Virgo. This month you can develop beyond your much-lauded powers of planning (future) and analysis (past) to position yourself in the present moment. What if your present-moment power is observation? And what if you observe and feel and exist so strongly in the present moment, that it becomes beautiful?

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A perfect expression of joy, no matter where or when you are. You get to tap into some deeply sensual waters with your power of presence. Taste life slowly, let it unfold for you. You’ve got time.

The Emperor, reversed


Libra, July sees you connecting with your own power and authority. You may be feeling yourself starting to expand, to really take up space, and the reversed Emperor shows hesitation to go really big. Sometimes you can be ready, but not feel ready. But you’re ready.

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You’ve arrived at a stage of life where you get to step into your own authority more. You’re not going to take anything away from anyone by claiming your space. Owning your power makes you even more balanced. Trust it. Stand tall. Take up space.

Seven of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed

Sweet Scorpio, keep the faith. The seeds you planted are definitely on their way up out of the ground. You may feel an impatient desire to force things to move faster, but there are better ways to wait. It already feels vulnerable to be worried and impatient, might as well talk to trusted loved ones about it. You’ll feel better. If there’s anything you can prepare for when these seeds are ready for harvest, do that, too. Through it all, remember to honor your hard work and patience. It’s happening, you can wait a little longer.


Three of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed


Are you resisting group work, Sagittarius? What you’re desiring to do now requires group effort, and this month is the right time to collaborate. It’s not that you can’t plow forward and be the loner artist creating genius work off in the desert somewhere. That’s your comfort zone. But you’re holding a specific vision that is bigger than what you can create alone.

It’s time to team up. Staying true to your vision means allowing other people to support it, too. You have something unique to bring to the mix, and so does everyone else.


Three of Pencils (Wands), reversed


July offers you a pause to take careful aim as you choose where you go next, Capricorn. Know that you’re not stuck, you’re simply at a moment of choice. This is a pause to gather your resources, one of which is your lived experience.

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As you go forward, you are bringing all of the lessons you have learned in the past. They’re part of you now. Your experience shows you what felt right in the past, and you take aim towards what feels right now. You’re set up well to keep going in whatever direction you choose.



Eight of Cups, reversed

Aquarius, this month you’re invited to leave behind a situation that doesn’t quite feel right. In a way, the situation is just the medium for a bigger lesson on trusting your instincts. This card is especially beautiful, with the wolf walking by the human’s side. Instinct and emotion in mutual support. You may feel scared, guilty, or hurt as you leave.

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Those emotions are temporary, and not as painful as staying would be. Your instincts are looking out for you, show you trust them by following and they’ll become clearer, more familiar, even friendly.


Six of Cups


This July brings you sweet nostalgic connections, Pisces. You may find yourself back in places that you know from your younger years, or meeting people who remind you of childhood friendships. Take note of these moments, they are here to heal your heart. When you experience childlike joy, and open-hearted kindness, that can soften a lot of old pain. Play with the concept of healing your inner child this month.

Do things that child-you loved, and take care of your body like it’s a beloved child. Lots of water, early bedtimes, and summer magic.


Knight of Pencils (Wands)

Aries, you’re in your element this month. This fiery Knight is all about the joy of creative movement. When you’re in this kind of fun, passionate, fire energy, you naturally feel the need to move around a lot. Dance or sing if you enjoy that, or maybe you’re just more animated in conversation.
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This could also look like spontaneous bursts of generosity, intense creativity, and some good-natured showboating. You’re bringing all of this fire through you to share with the people around you. Offer your fire in service, and it will feel even brighter for you.

Six of Wands

Yes Taurus, time for more praise. Do you remember the first time people singled you out for attention for your hard work? How did that feel? Are you getting more accustomed to gracefully accepting attention?

Your sign is ruled by Venus, so you’re signed up for life lessons in abundance and adoration. If it still feels new, experiment with just saying “thank you” to compliments. If you’re already at that point, take it to the next level by inviting people into the light with you. Use your platform to lift up other voices and causes.

The Lovers, reversed

Gemini, in July you integrate the lessons you learned during your birthday month. In tarot, The Lovers is associated with Gemini, and the reversal shows some hesitation to connect. That’s only natural after expending a lot of energy, you need some time to recharge.

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You’re invited to share what you’re going through, and to allow other people to see you just as you are, even when you’re not putting on your signature show of dazzling wit. You’re deeping connection with parts of yourself, and with the people in your life who are available to honor you fully.

Tarotscopes are written by Moriah Simmons and delivered monthly, subscribe for updates.
Tarot Card illustrations are from Rebecca Sutton's Tarot Card Deck.
Photography by Robyn Walsh of model Tabitha Elm.

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