May Tarotscopes 2018


The Devil


Happy birthday month, Taurus! This is a time of sacred re-setting for you. The Devil invites you to examine your unconscious patterns of behavior and thought. AKA your addictions, the outer substances and behaviors we use to try to control inner pain. We all have them, it’s totally normal and human. But that doesn’t mean we have to let them run our life.


Whenever you find yourself turning to a familiar pattern to avoid a tough feeling this month, pause and look more closely at the feeling. See what it’s telling you. See that it’s not here to harm you, but to bring light to deeper self-knowledge.


Nine of Wands, reversed


Gemini, you have really been killing it lately. Working hard, making connections, staying on top of your game. This month Nine of Wands reversed (the suit of Pencils in this deck), shows up as an invitation to trust that you are enough.


You don’t have to keep proving yourself over and over. Everything you worked for isn’t going to disappear if you loosen your grip a little. This is a good time to reach out to your network for help pick up the slack. Delegate tasks, ask for help, and book self-care time. Remember that you are too valuable to burn out.




May offers you an opportunity for spiritual upgrade, Cancer. Judgement is the wake-up call, the time of reckoning with your higher purpose. This can show up as a recognition that you need to make a change, or a realization that you’ve always had a particular skill for helping people. It can be a powerful dream or a mystical experience, or a gradual opening to your spiritual self. Judgement shows up when you’re ready.


You are already on your path, you are already who you’re meant to be. This is an invitation to start living as your whole self, and bringing your gifts to the world.


Six of Pentacles


Service is the word for May, Leo. You have so much bright, generous energy, and this month you have the resources to back it up. Six of Pentacles brings the idea of taking care of yourself first so that you have enough to share with other people. And sharing, rather than “charity” is about an offering between equals.

You’re helping people because you recognize them as equals. You know you’re not better than anyone else because you have more resources, and you’re not looking for anything in exchange, not even gratitude. Service is about helping because it’s the right thing to do. Service balances the scales.


Three of Swords


Virgo, sometimes healing hurts. You are in a really good place this month to begin excavating old pain. Three of Swords speaks of being hurt, and then pushing your pain away--essentially hurting yourself again by denying your pain. To heal that old, original pain, to bring it up and out and release it, you may find it hurting again. Be gentle with yourself during this process.


Forgive your past self. Journal, cry, vent to a friend or therapist, or anything else that supports you. You are pulling emotional splinters out of your heart. It may hurt, but know that you are practicing a powerful self healing.


Justice, reversed

Divine justice doesn’t always match your idea of justice, Libra. And that’s ok. In Tarot, Justice is an invitation to view your life from a clear-headed place, and reversed, it shows resistance to that. Justice is neutral, it’s just showing you what’s going on. Sometimes unfair things happen. That doesn’t mean that you’re powerless to act, far from it. But how much more action could you take if you didn’t waste energy flailing at how unfair it is?

To free up your energy and work alongside divine justice, accept what has happened, and focus on what you can do now, not what you can’t. There’s always something you can do.


The World, reversed

Scorpio, you are finishing up a big karmic cycle, are you excited? The World reversed, says, maybe you’re scared of what comes next. Who is ever ready to move into the unknown? Who is ever ready to leave behind the familiar ground?


Sometimes life pushes you forward before you’re fully comfortable, but comfort is not the same as growth. It can really help to treat this month like you’re graduating. Yes, there’s fear, but can you also find a sense of accomplishment, and growing excitement? You are here now because of the work you have done. You are moving forward because there is more important, exciting work to do.  


The Tower

Lightning bolts are your stock and trade, Sagittarius, and this month brings a few. Where are you being asked to move on? What structures have you created that are now ready to be broken down?

You may pride yourself on being adventurous and resilient, but you don’t have to act cool in every crisis. If the ground shakes, see what it’s like to let yourself feel shaken, too. Remember that it’s ok to be scared during big changes, and it’s ok to talk about your feelings. The Tower offers you a new level of vulnerability, one that clears the way for you to feel true freedom.




Capricorn, you are strong and brave and persistent in everything you do. In May, you get the opportunity to bring all of those qualities to your inner landscape. You are human, you are spirit, you are animal. You have powerful emotions, but you also have powerful capacity to hold those emotions.

Strength reminds you just how much inner strength you have. Whatever scary thing is coming up for you, it is there for you to embrace. Meet your intense feelings with brave softness. The more you can make friends with all parts of you, the more they bring you wisdom and a sense of wholeness.


Seven of Pentacles, reversed

May is a waiting game, Aquarius. Seven of Pentacles is about allowing a situation to ripen before you can address it. It will take as long as it takes, and you can’t directly affect it. That can be frustrating, no doubt about it. The key is to trust that you have already done the work required, and now your role is to wait patiently.

Don’t try to outsmart natural timing, or drive yourself crazy with impatience. If you were waiting for fruit to ripen, you might make a basket, or clean out your fridge in the meantime. Progress is happening, be ready to act when the time is right.


Nine of Pentacles

Appreciate what you have, Pisces, but like really appreciate it fully. Because you have worked hard to get here, and you’re in a place of safety, beauty, and abundance. Nine of Pentacles says, here in the garden you’ve created, the plants are growing strong, there’s a nice breeze, why not sit and enjoy it? What’s the point of working hard if you can’t enjoy things?

There’s no need to keep hustling and seeking right now, this is a natural pause. This month is a good time to start a simple gratitude practice. When you wake up, think of three specific things you’re grateful for. You’ll be surprised how much you have.


Two of Pentacles

Aries, May invites you to invite balance into your daily life. Two of Pentacles is about balance in motion. When you find yourself doing too much of something, pull back a little and do more of something else. Make tiny adjustments, this is very much like learning to drive or ride a bike.

The goal is not to always move in a perfectly straight line, but to bring yourself back on track when you wobble off course. There’s no static state of balance, the scales are always tipping back and forth. This month view things in your life through the lens of balance, and learn to keep bringing yourself back to center.


Tarotscopes are written by Moriah Simmons and delivered monthly, subscribe for updates.
Tarot Card illustrations are from Rebecca Sutton's Tarot Card Deck.
Photography by Emily Krouse 
Model is @buttercup_baby wearing handmdae Siobhan Barrett Swimwear including:

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