April 2018 Tarotscopes


6 of Cups

Happy birthday season, Aries! The universe is bringing you sweet, nostalgic energy this month. 6 of Cups is all about approaching your relationships with open-hearted childlike equality.

You are on level ground with all other humans, you know, so if there’s someone you want to connect with, approach them like you’re both 5 and you’re on a playground. Hey, I like you! Let’s be friends! And with the nostalgia aspect, this can be a good time to reconnect with old friends, but only if you aren’t looking for anything in return. Send out some love, keep it light.


The Tower

Taurus my friend, you are the undisputed queen of steady structure, but what’s under that carefully crafted foundation?


This month The Tower shows up to help you find out. It’s a beautiful much-needed shakeup, that helps you clear away structure you’ve built that is no longer good for you.


Try not to resist change this month, trust that if something is leaving, it’s to make room for something better, something that is exactly what you need. It’s ok to feel whatever you feel, be it grief or excitement, as this old structure makes way for freedom and healing.


Five of Pentacles, reversed

Hey Gemini, it looks like you’re finally learning to ask for help -- that’s amazing. You’re so quick-witted that for a long time, you’ve been able to get by on your own. Now it’s time for you to give your ideas form, and you’re looking to anchor in the earthly realm.

Maybe what you seek is healthcare, financial advice, a permanent home. You might feel out of your element, but you’re reaching out to others rather than isolating or imagining worst-case scenarios. Funny how help is always right there when you ask. You deserve whatever help or resources you need.


The Devil

Hell yes, Cancer! The Devil is a light-bringer to help you see and love all of yourself. This month, you get to look at the ways you divide yourself into “good” and “bad” traits, and how you reward or punish yourself.

The Devil shines light on addiction, manipulation, and dishonesty. Remember that all of these are ways we try to control the parts of ourselves we judge as “bad.” So rather than getting extra-controlling or numbing out, ask that issue what it’s protecting. Both the wound and the defense are parts of you. Offer equal love to your dark and light.


The High Priestess, reversed

Leo, you already know. The High Priestess says, you hold the answers you seek inside you. The reversal says, maybe you’re afraid to trust your knowing. This month offers you a powerful chance to trust your intuition blindy and act on it. 

The evidence always comes after you act, not before. That’s scary, but you can practice. Ask your intuition about small things like what to have for lunch or which route to take. And then do what you feel. You’re rebuilding your intuitive connection so when the big things come up, you’ll know right away.



The Hanged Woman

Virgo, this month brings you a master class on surrender. This is neutral, you can feel this kind of vulnerability in a surprise party or a yoga class, it doesn’t mean anything scary will happen.

Surrendering is recognizing you are not in control of a situation. Most of the time you can’t control everything. But you can still control yourself. You can slow and deepen your breath, you can pay attention and be present in your body. This isn’t discomfort just for the heck of it, but for perspective and learning. This might be a fun time to explore shibari or headstands.


Four of Wands

Hey Libra, looks like April is party season for you! Four of Pencils (Wands in other decks) is about creating a space for life-affirming celebrations. So gather your friends, go outside on the first warm days of the year, feel alive, feel connected.

If you’re lonely or down, this energy is especially important for you. You don’t have to go out, but it might be really transformative if you set a timer for 10 minutes, put on upbeat music, and dance around your room. This is about energy renewal, there are no prerequisites. If you’ve got a life, affirm it!


Four of Cups

No new feelings, Scorpio, not until you’ve finished what you already have. Four of Cups speaks to us of the need for emotional processing, and letting things pass us by if we don’t have the room for them yet.

This month, remind yourself that if something is meant to be yours, it’s not going to miss you. Give yourself space to explore what you’re feeling. Do some journaling, take a long bath, talk to a trusted friend, cry. You’re getting all those feels out, so you’re fully ready to grab that new exciting cup when the time is right.


Ten of Cups

This is a month of big, beautiful, fleeting feelings, Sagittarius. Ten of Cups is transformational, offering an emotional energy that’s too big for just one person. So this month, gather together with friends and family where you can have a group experience of connection and gratitude.

Go to a concert, festival, ceremony, even a party. Group energy changes things. It might feel different for you to see a rainbow alone, than to see it with a bunch of friends. This energy is here to help you recharge your own emotional batteries, and to expand your capacity for big feelings. Isn’t it beautiful?


The Fool

Take that leap, Capricorn! The Fool is here to invite you into the unknown, by taking a leap of faith this month. If there’s something you can approach open-hearted, with excitement and wonder, do it.

What’s something that you’ve always wanted to do, but were too afraid? It’s time to try! And if nothing comes to mind, take a walk through a neighborhood you don’t usually visit, buy unusual fruit, jump on a trampoline. Just be open to the new, see what happens. The Fool energy supports you in taking chances. Leap and the net will appear.


The Emperor


Time to stand up and be noticed, Aquarius. The Emperor offers you energy that is grounded and fiery at the same time, and invites you to take that energy and put it towards something that really matters to you.

You’re poised now to take up your full amount of space, to build your own empire, make your own rules. So take stock, what are your strengths? How do you stand up or speak up? What do you want, for yourself? What do you want, for the world? This month you begin to shake off conditioning to stay small, and you begin to make your mark.


Seven of Wands, reversed

Pisces, this month begins to resolve some tension between your individual desires, and the pull of the collective. You may have been feeling a desire to do something different, go against the grain, and prove your worth to others. Almost like you had to fight for your place at the table. That’s smoothing out, as you begin to remember that you are absolutely worthy of being here.

Your life, your creative energy, your passion, are all valid and necessary. Make that your mantra this month. The more you remember your worth, the more everyone else will, too--no fighting necessary.


Tarotscopes are written by Moriah Simmons and delivered monthly, subscribe for updates.
Tarot Card illustrations are from Rebecca Sutton's Tarot Card Deck.
 Photography is by Anna Demarco 

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