March 2018 Tarotscopes


Eight of Pencils (Wands)

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Pisces, you have worked so hard and put so much beautiful energy into your projects this year. Now you’re waiting to see how that work will pay off. The Eight of Pencils (Wands, in other decks) energy is very much the “in-process” energy. 

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It’s like you shot off an arrow, and your only option at the moment is to wait to see where it comes down. You can’t reach up and grab it out of the air, or nudge it in a different direction. You can only trust that past-you aimed carefully. And you did! So rather than worrying about what you already did, or standing by the target saying, “is it here yet?” you can put energy towards the things you can control right now. Do solid physical things to stay present and grounded. Cook, clean, exercise, rest. Trust that you are going to hit the target.



Knight of Cups, reversed

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Hey Aries, what if you didn’t have to search for love? What if you don’t need to have anyone else validate you before you feel complete? The Knight of Cups is a seeker, a romantic quester, and reversed, it feels like seeking outside approval.


Your invitation here is to remember that you are complete, that the love you seek has to come from you. Rather than seeking outward, this month’s quest turns inward. Find the beloved in yourself. Say “I love you” in the mirror. Touch yourself like you’re precious and desirable. Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful and sexy. You are building a vibration of love that ripples outward, and you will find that the right people notice, and reflect that love back to you.



Four of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed

Mind on your money much, Taurus? Four of Lemons (traditionally Pentacles), is about taking care of your worldly possessions. Reversed, it invites you to recognize that stability and money aren’t the endgame.


You’re not just on this planet to stockpile money and comfort and food like some Taurus stereotype. If you find yourself making decisions that support your material stability but leave you feeling shallow or sold-out, take a step back and ask your body and heart what they want. And if you’re self-soothing with shopping, that’s a good time to spend some time at home, going through your possessions and really feeling grateful for what you already have. This month sees you coming into a softer, sweeter relationship to wealth and abundance.



The World, reversed

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Gemini, this is the beginning of the end — congratulations! March offers the completion of a huge cycle for you, as evidenced by The World, the very last of the 22 major arcana cards. This is like a graduation: you have learned all you need to learn, and you are ready to wrap up your current lessons.

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Think back on the last couple of years, and mark the progress you’ve made. You’ve grown so much, overcome so much, it practically deserves a yearbook. In fact, you may even want to write down a list of things you’ve learned and done, to let this sink in. You may not have realized it at the time, but this whole cycle has been about you stepping more into your own unique strengths. More big adventure awaits. Throw that hat up in the air, you’re gonna make it after all.



Wheel of Fortune, reversed

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March graces your life with divine timing, Cancer. As the sign ruled by the moon, you have a natural understanding of cycles. You feel them in your body, in your emotions, waxing and waning. The Wheel of Fortune reversed is about remembering that you are not in charge of how the wheel turns.


The universe is driving, not you, and everything is happening as it needs to. It’s safe to take your hands off the wheel and be a vigilant passenger. What’s happening right now is important, pay attention. You will have a much smoother ride if you stay engaged with the present. There’s something you’re waiting for, and you keep asking when it will happen, and the Wheel says, it will happen when the time is right. And that perfect timing will make this gift even more precious.



King of Cups, reversed

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Leo, this month brings you face-to-face with one important fact: you are not in charge of anyone else’s emotions. As a natural leader, you may desire to help people feel happy, or to control their feelings to fit your ideas of how they should feel. King of Cups reversed shows you taking on other people’s emotional processing, and you don’t need to.

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You can turn this energy right side up by having good emotional boundaries. You are only in charge of your own feelings. Yes, connect with people, laugh and cry with them, care about them. But release the desire to change their feelings. The thing with taking on other people’s feelings is, you deny them the chance to stand in their own strength. Sometimes the greatest support you can offer is to trust someone’s ability to handle their own stuff.



Four of Knives (Swords), reversed

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March brings your service and self-care into balance, Virgo. You need to rest and recharge your mind so you can get out there and do your thing. Taking time for yourself may be difficult for you, because you’re practically hard-wired to put others first. Hence the reversal of this card. And your active mind might feel especially talkative during meditation.

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But what about thinking of this as a structure you can set up? Where you set up a comfortable spot in a quiet corner, set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes, and sit there and focus on your breathing until the timer goes off. Then you do that every day, same time, same place. The space, time, and consistency are all ways to structure your self-care. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to happen. Even a few minutes will make a difference.



Page of Cups

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What a great time to reconnect to your sweetness and innocence, Libra! Page of Cups invites you to bring the playful, intuitive nature of your inner child into your adult life. Try it out this month as an experiment.

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Any time you feel like you want to dance around, hum along with a song in a store, color, talk to plants or animals, give yourself permission to do it. And start to notice if you feel resistance to this, or if you find another inner voice telling you to stay quiet or act grown-up. Can you ask that resistant part to chill out? Nobody is going to have you arrested for humming in the pharmacy or patting the bark of a tree. It’s safe because you are both the sweet child and protective adult. Your inner child has a message for you, and you can only hear it if you let them play.



The Hermit, reversed

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Scorpio, this month invites you to share some of your deep thoughts with the rest of the world. That’s the whole point of The Hermit’s quest, to go off alone, then bring back wisdom. The reversal of this cards feels like The Hermit coming back down the mountain, sharing what she’s learned during her silent meditation.

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You think so deeply, and you notice more than most, and the world really needs your insight. Truly! For every hundred cat memes, there’s one authentic, vulnerable sentence, and it has the power to help and change people. Start where you are, show the new person at work how to do something, share an observation with a friend, lead a skillshare. Whatever gets you teaching and sharing is important this month.



The Star, reversed

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This month you begin to own your sensitivity, Sagittarius, and begin healing old wounds. When reversed, The Star signals healing below the surface, that you may not yet see in your outer life. But after some big life changes in the last year, something inside you has gently begun to knit back together.


Being an adventurous fire sign, you’re supposed to be all about fun, and action, right? Except you also feel deeply, and you may not always make space for your sensitivity. It’s one of your gifts, and the more you can accept it, the more it will transform you. So it’s ok to feel however you feel, and it’s ok to look at old hurt feelings. Think of this month as a safe space for healing to begin. You can’t mess this up, The Star will stay with you as long as you need.



Five of Knives (Swords)

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Capricorn, this is a great month for you to face and clear patterns of self-sabotage. Typically, the Five of Knives (Swords in other decks), shows the pain and shame of losing a fight. Here we’re talking about the way you fight with yourself. Like if you’re trying to go to bed on time, and you accidentally stay up til 3am reading Wikipedia. When that kind of thing happens, it’s actually really great! It’s a teaching moment for the brain.

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So don’t dwell on what went wrong or how terrible you re. Be gentle with yourself, take action to get back on track, and then look at why you’re afraid of that healthy or successful thing you “messed up.” By interrupting the old pattern, you get to start a new pattern in your brain, rather than continuing to feel like you’re fighting with yourself.



Five of Pencils (Wands)

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March brings you busy, chaotic energy, Aquarius. Remember that this is a good thing! You might fall into a pattern where you feel like you’re scrambling, competing to get to the top of the stack, fighting against this chaos and yourself and other people. When that happens, remind yourself that this chaos is neutral. It’s not here to hinder you, it’s here to shake things up. Let other people do their thing, and you do yours.

And make use of this abundant energy, put your body in motion, have some fun! This is like improvisational dance, the only thing that matters is that you keep moving. So try some new things in your creative practice, get wild in the bedroom, and rearrange your furniture. See what sticks after the energy calms down, and what gets shaken out.

Tarotscopes are written by Moriah Simmons and delivered monthly, subscribe for updates.
Tarot Card illustrations are from Rebecca Sutton's Tarot Card Deck.
 Photography is by Anna Demarco 
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