Febuary 2018 Tarotscopes

Queen of Lemons

Aquarius, this month, your birthday season, is bringing you deep body wisdom. The Queen of Pentacles (lemons in this deck), is so at home in her body, so present, and so connected with the natural world. And when she feels this connection, she feeds it.

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How can you nurture your body this month, and how can you nurture the planet? And how can you do both at the same time? This is earth mother energy, but it takes your Aquarian shape.

Another year, another birthday, you’ve survived on this planet this long for a good reason. Your big dreams and visions come down to earth this month. You bring them to life through your body. Now is your time to take practical steps to making these visions real.

Four of Knives, reversed

It’s ok to take a break, Pisces. You feel so deeply and maybe you even put some of your self-worth in how much you feel. So you resist structured silence (a break!) because who are you even if you’re not swimming in feeling. But this month, you’re going to find out.

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Traditionally the Four of Swords is an invitation to set up a structure for your mind to rest in. The reversal, is resistance to resting. What helps is taking this idea of structure literally: setting a bedtime, using a timer to meditate for 5 minutes a day, clearing a corner of your bedroom where you go to sit in silence. There’s nothing to fear in resting, taking a break. You are still there. Your self-definition may change and expand, as you learn you’re still worthy if you’re not always “on.” 

King of Knives, reversed

Time to face facts, Aries, you are experienced, worthy, and valid. The King of Knives (Swords) brings a wealth of experience, and a personal expression of truth. When you’re in a reversal of this energy, you may not really believe that your experience is enough.

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That’s the thing, though, only you can bestow the title of “enough” on yourself. Nobody else can tell you that, or if they do, it may not feel true. Doubt, discomfort, imposter syndrome -- is all just more experience.

All of this is ok, and it means you’re on the right path. You’ve come this far, you’ve done all this work, it’s in your power to believe you’re enough. Keep going. You are enough. Every day, tell yourself something true about how valid and good you are. Keep bringing it back to the truth. Eventually the truth will start to feel true.


The Hermit


Taurus, some signs just work really well with some cards. And for you, The Hermit is a comfortable element. The journey is one where you spend quality time alone for inner exploration. This is traditionally a card about mystic soul journeys, but please note that masturbation is very important form of mystical exploration.

The challenge of this card, that you will absolutely rise to: The Hermit’s journey is impossible to plan. The path may not always be where you think it is.

handmade lingerieYou may not always find in stillness what you expected. It is difficult to do all this work alone, but it means that you have this light to shine, and help others find their own path. You dive deep, and then bring back what you’ve learned. It takes a steady hand to hold this light, Taurus, and you’ve got it.

Two of Pencils


Choice and balance are on your mind the month, Gemini. The Two of Pencils (Wands), shows you figuring out how to reconcile your past and current passions (pencil #1) with your new inspirations (pencil #2). This isn’t so much about choosing one and passing on the other. Your task this month is to recognize that there’s really no either/or, no binary here. It’s just a matter of energy management.

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You can pursue new interests that really speak to your fiery life force, while being sustained by what you already have. The key is to really trust your own energy.

Don’t force yourself into anything because you think it’s what would sound good on paper or because it’s safe, or because it’s a risk. Go with what inspires you to grow, what makes you open up. More than likely, it brings both new and old elements.

Ace of Knives, reversed


Cancer, there is a persistent idea, a scrap of knowledge that keeps popping up for you, and you keep pushing away. This month is the time for you to give it some screen time in your mind. In tarot, Aces represent a divine gift from the universe, and all you have to do is accept. This is a gift of knowing, understanding, seeing clearly.

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With the reversal, it seems like you’re saying, no, that’s too good to be true, or no, the answer has to be more complicated than that. Just consider, maybe it is true. Maybe you do understand. Maybe this idea is ready for you to take, and grow into something big and exciting, maybe it’s the realization you needed before you can let go of something. Either way, once you accept this Ace, you’re opening the door to a new way of thinking.

Nine of Cups, reversed

Hey Leo, when’s the last time you actually basked in the sun like a literal lion? Do you think that enjoying what you have is somehow lazy? That you need to be always hustling for more, growing and gaining?

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Reversed Nine of Cups shows that your wish has been fulfilled, that truly, you do have everything you need, but you’re just a little hesitant to stop and enjoy it. But right now is the time to enjoy it!

There will be plenty of time to work for more, but not now. There are cycles to this. The other half of the work/gain cycle is seeing what you’ve worked for, what you’ve been given, and really taking the time to feel grateful and content. You don’t have to take the whole month off of work, but give yourself a few minutes each day to bask in all you’ve accomplished.

Page of Pencils


Virgo, this month brings a delightful shakeup to your pristine order. The Page of Pencils (Wands, in other decks), and the element of fire invite you into playful, creative, and fast-moving energy. Can you make room for some more passion in your life? Can you structure your day so you have time to play?

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You don’t have to impress anyone, you don’t have to explain it, this is just for you. You may want to find a creative outlet that’s low-stakes, where you don’t have to be perfect because you’re just messing around. Maybe you want to bring more play into the bedroom, and try out body paint. Whatever you do, let it be fun and silly. Fire is transformational, but it can be gentle and warm, too. Touch the fire within you, embrace it, let it lead you. There’s so much you can learn in play.

Knight of Pencils


This is your month to shine, Libra! And frankly, to show off a little bit. Perform, be seen, go big. The Knight of Pencils (Wands) is traditionally thought of charming, attractive, and fast-moving. You have the opportunity to really step up and make big moves, and attract notice. You might even want to dress even more fabulously.


When out of balance, this energy can be all surface, looking for attention so you feel worthy. So if you’re feeling needy, that’s ok. Focus on valuing yourself, really and truly, before you seek approval from other people. And then get out there and share your passion, and let other people value you, too.

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When you have something amazing to share (and you do), the right thing to do is to share it with everyone. As long as what your beaming out to the world is coming from the heart, you’re golden.

Eight of Pencils, reversed

There’s a lot of fast-moving fire energy in the air for you this month, Scorpio. This feels like the intermediary stage in creation. You’ve put in the intention, effort, and work, and sent that creation off into the world. It’s in the ether right now, literally up in the air and not available for you to polish it or nudge it any more. So you can’t put your hands on that thing, but what you can do in the meantime, is pay attention.

Watch where the energy is going, and when it comes back down to earth, you can see where it hits, and go on from there. The important thing is not to get ahead of yourself. You’re observing, not trying to predict. You can’t know exactly how this will turn out. Things are lining up for you, and when you see this take shape, you’re going to do amazing things with it.

Knight of Lemons


Slow and steady isn’t always sexy, Sagittarius, but wait, what if it is? What if you tried taking it slow, seeing the wonder in every moment, really feeling present in your body. What if you feel impatient because the intensity of slowness is almost too good to handle, not because it’s boring?

Knight of Lemons (Pentacles) invites you to go really deep, and expand your awareness. If you try to rush through this moment, you’ll still be in some other moment. Might as well see everything there is to see in the here and now. Your quest right now is to do just that. Maybe you’ll try to slow down and breathe deeply during sex. Maybe this will manifest for you with a relationship or project, or your attitude towards life in general. You’re capable of putting in the work and concentration, and finding it fascinating.

Three of Cups


Where would you be without your friends, Capricorn? This month you’re invited to revel in your friendships, and it can also be a great time to meet new friends. Are a few people already coming to mind? Invite them over for dinner, or go out dancing. It can be really healing to be witnessed by your friends.

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Give your friends chances to support you. If you need advice or help, reach out, there is bound to be someone waiting to return the favor. Because of course, you’re showing up for them, and supporting their dreams. If you’re feeling lonely, or that you don’t have the kind of friendships you want, take yourself on a date to a class you’ve been wanting to try. Do the things you love and you’ll find your people. Three of Cups is love, pure, simple, and accessible everywhere you are.

Tarotscopes are written by Moriah Simmons and delivered monthly, subscribe for updates.
Tarot Card illustrations are from Rebecca Sutton's Tarot Card Deck.
Photography by Jesse Murch
Models are Kayla Savage @kaylamsavage and Chavi St Hill @chavisthill
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