Tarotscopes to Start 2020 with Intention and Love


The Hanged One

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Capricorn, the way to grow is through stillness. You may want to push and strive, and you may think that hitting the ground running in 2020 is the way to go. But it's not.

All of that push toward activity and busyness, is a reaction to the uncomfortable feelings that come with the inner growth you have been doing. Stay with the discomfort. Be patient with it.

Don't abandon yourself by masking your discomfort under busywork. Keep returning to that place of stillness over and over this month. You are gaining wisdom now that will serve you all year long.


The Star, reversed

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January brings you to the next stage in your healing process, Aquarius.

The Star represents a rest period, a time of receiving healing energy from the universe. But now with your vessel refilled, you actually have an overflow of healing energy that’s ready to pour back into the world.

Go slow and take small steps, but be on the lookout for ways that you can share healing with people around you, and the planet itself. Sharing your healing can look like having new ideas and initiative to be of service, or just beaming out positivity when you walk into a room. Shine on.


King of Knives (Swords)

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Pisces, this is your month to speak up and speak truth. That means taking leadership and power through your words, because you have a message that the world needs to hear.

This isn't some intellectual piece, it is you speaking truth about the world, that you have learned by living in it. This message can only come from you, in your own words.

The people who hear it, can only hear it in your voice. When you claim the space needed to share your message, you take up the mantle of the truth speaker. Own it. Let your words guide and uplift the people in your kingdom.


Eight of Lemons (Pentacles)

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This month brings you deeper into your path of mastery, Aries.

You are recommitting to the work and the practice of being yourself. In every area of life, pay attention to the process. Notice what you're doing and how you're doing it. Dedicate yourself.

Do the same thing every day day in and day out. Let each tiny action be a devotion towards your ultimate goal. You essentially have to build your own pathway there, one stone at a time. As you put your head down and focus on the work, this month, know that when it’s time to look up again, you’ll be further than you even thought possible.


King of Cups, reversed

Taurus, this month you’re doing big work with your boundaries. Much of the talk about boundaries these days, focuses on other people. There is less talk about ways we cross our own boundaries.

This month for you brings beautiful opportunities to stay true to the boundaries you state.

If you say you're not available after 8pm, don't answer the phone at 10pm. If you need something, get that need met, don’t deprive yourself. And be aware of ways you might pick up second-hand worry about people who haven’t asked for your help. This is some king-level boundary work, be proud of yourself for getting here.


Three of Pencils (Wands)

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Gemini, this month the horizon opens out before you. Where do you feel called to go next? Three of Pencils marks an expansion in your creative ambitions. The fact is, you have more energy than your current situation can fit.

Expansion always leads to some kind of change.

For some people, that can look like taking on more responsibility and a bigger title at work. For others, it’s about taking creative risks, challenging themselves in their art. And It can be a mix of both, for sure. The call you feel is towards bigger self-expression, answer it, and see where it takes you.


Seven of Knives (Swords)

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Cancer, January helps you hone your communication skills. Your work this month is to make sure you are as clear as possible, both in what you say, and in the way you receive.

There are two rules to live by this month: 1. don’t take anything personally, and 2. take at least one deep breath in and out before you respond to anything.

That way, you’re paving the path for clearer communication and less stress. You are setting yourself up for 2020 by seeking wisdom, understanding, trust, and truth. And it all starts by committing to clarity this month. 


Knight of Lemons (Pentacles), reversed

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January remind you that the best glow-up comes after a hard-working backstory.

This month Leo, get your hands dirty, get really absorbed in your work, and pay your dues. Think of it as your “Cinderella with a scrub brush talking to birds” time.

It's OK if the work you're doing doesn't pay instant dividends. It’s OK if nobody notices how important it is yet. A slow build is still a build, you know? And castles take time. Trust yourself, trust your work, and trust that you plus your work equals a near-guaranteed fairytale ending.


Knight of Knives (Swords), reversed

Virgo, have you ever had one of those ideas that takes on a life of its own? This month, be brave and let your ideas bring you into new territory. This could be a specific idea, or the general energy of creating your life.

You are creating something that has never been done before. That means, even despite your best planning, projections, and spreadsheets, there's no way to actually know how it will turn out.

All you can do is stay with it, and develop your reflexes so that you can pivot along with every twist. This is a fast-moving month for you, enjoy the ride.


The World

Libra, you did it! You’ve reached the end of a whole cycle of evolution, and things will never be the same again, in the best possible way. January marks for you a time of completion and fulfillment.

Take this month to float above, and see the bigger picture. From way up here, you can see where you started out, all you’ve accomplished along the way, and some of the patterns you traced on your path.

You’ll be starting on your next cycle soon enough, so take advantage of this rare pause and perspective. Celebrate how far you’ve come! That’s the best way to mark a transition like this. 


The Lovers

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Everyone in the world is your lover, this month, Scorpio. As in, they are someone you can love, and who can love you back. Become more conscious of the way you relate to people. Are you really seeing them as they are, or are you seeing what you expect to see? And allow people to see you, as deeply as you see them. It is safe to receive love in all forms, from all people.

Trust that your intensity and sensitivity are your superpowers.

They’re what allow you to feel such an intimate connection with life. You are tapped into the intimacy of being alive in the same time and place with people, and that’s magic.


Nine of Lemons (Pentacles)

It’s all right here, Sagittarius, everything you ever wished for. You have built yourself a life that is beautiful, comfortable, and safe. You granted your own wish. Isn’t that wonderful? Let it sink in, just how good you have it. And as you look around in gratitude for your home, health, and work, remember that you’re the one who has created this. So direct some of that gratitude back to yourself.

Right now, you don’t need to bring in anything else from the outside world. Your sanctuary is fully stocked.

This is a time of peace and pleasure, may you enjoy it to the fullest.

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