Mom Love Photoshoot Que

For the mom who’s never rested enough but who feels a fierce need to be seen, look no further. Use this to sign up for our Mom Love Photoshoot Que.
Use the checkout for your shopping info and put your measurements and any any any other questions or concerns in the notes box. And utilize the have a photographer or do not have a photographer to underscore whether you have one or not.

Please leave detailed notes upon checkout in the "Notes Box" and include:

Bust Waist Hip Measurements
Nudity preferences
Name and social media for photographer you have in mind or have ready

You will pay for shipping but not for the pieces for the shoot, as the demand for this is very high and you will keep part of the lingerie that you receive made for your body to love...

Listing is to be place in the Mom Love Photoshoot Que Only.


Handmade by Siobhan Barrett in your size for your body to love. 

Add your measurements/or bra size to the order notes upon checkout. 
See our FAQ's page for more product and order information.