How to wear lingerie with Jewelry

Q: How do you wear lingerie? 


A: Any way you want!

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Q: How do you wear jewelry with lingerie? 

A: You put on your lingerie and then you put on your jewelry... or you have your lingerie on with your jewelry and take off your clothes... then you're wearing lingerie and jewelry! Just make sure that both are comfy and beautiful ; ) 

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Taylor Foster paired bodysuits, slips, and robes from my collection with these amazing pieces from a whimsical line of jewelry, Tamlin Jewelry

I often hear women discussing or asking me exactly how to wear lingerie. Do you wear it only at night with your partner? Do you EVER wear it on a daily basis, do you wear it with jewelry, under a robe, under a slip, under your clothes? Do you use it for foreplay or just for yourself? 

My answer is always the same. You wear lingerie however you want whenever you want. I layer it up under my clothes so that 99% of the time no one knows that I'm wearing it. I pair it with jewelry that I like. I wear it at night with my partner. I do whatever I feel like doing. Because that is how you should wear lingerie. 

Photography by A.J. Mason
Model is Taylor Foster wearing handmade Siobhan Barrett lingerie
Silk Teddy

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