What Astrology Teaches Us About Love & Sexuality

Astrology (tarotscopes) has always been an active part of my life, even before I fully dove into it. The study of the stars and the way that they govern different aspects of our lives can be used casually or as a main guiding principle in understanding how we interact with the world around us. Astrology can be especially helpful when it comes to love and sexuality.


I’m not a professional astrologer by any means (merely just a casual enthusiast), but taking an interest in astrology has been an important practice for introspection and self-care. Astrology, for me, is an important practice because it forces me to check in with myself, to acknowledge that the habits and cycles that we find ourselves in are all part of larger actions that are mostly our of our control. Astrology is a reminder to myself to take a breath, relinquish control where I can, and not to take myself so seriously.


In terms of love and sexuality specifically, certain areas of our astrological charts speak directly to what actions and desires we hold for these parts of our identities. Mercury, ruling communication; Venus, ruling love and beauty; and Mars, ruling our desires what turns us on all become especially important when it comes to love and sex. These planets’ and their rulings on our individual charts can shed a lot of light on how we interact with others and how we express or approach love and sexuality.

The information that can be learned from exploring and learning more about these chart placements. In studying Mercury, we can better understand the ways that we express our thoughts and feelings to others, and the ways that we best receive information. For Venus, this explores how we express beauty; this influences how we flirt, manifest our sexuality in a physical form, even what kind of lingerie we can gravitate towards. Mars, on the other hand, is the passion behind sex and relationships that we have. They are what we naturally gravitate towards and are attracted to in potential mates, but it can also highlight how our emotions can play a part in these relationships.


Exploring these placements on our chart can be a real eye opener, and a fun way to bond further with partners if you want to compare placements. But the best part about learning about these placements is that its a tool that can give you new ways of shifting what love and sexuality can look like.

Astrology works in specific ways, but that’s not to say that everything is set in stone. Astrology is a tool, but you don’t have to take it as a strictly written governing force in your life. If anything, it can be an unexpected way to explore different parts of yourself and how you process and express yourself.

Blog post written by Cameron G. from Nerds of Prey Podcast
Cameron is a queer, black, femme writer and sex educator. 
Photography is by Robyn Walsh 
Handmade Siobhan Barrett lingerie modeled by @shoshanason 
Model is wearing hand dyed silk velvet lingerie


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