Hatchling by Holly Shawhan

Sparrows mate for life
they say

stephen smith photography

Creatures lacking the sentience
that we are said to possess

Did you imagine that for us?

stephen smith photography

Under the lies of work and travel
You would come to me


Devour me
For a night
For an hour

stephen smith photography

And return to your brood
Spawn-less sparrow that I am

stephen smith photography

Wondering if I could keep you
With a hatchling of my own. 


Words by Holly Shawhan

Photography by Stephen Smith, follow him@iamstephensmith on Instagram

Model is Mariah Makalapua wearing her own jewelry creation (follow her @medicine.collective on Instagram): 

Zebra Jasper Charm  

And wearing Siobhan Barrett lingerie:

Bride to Be Black Lace Lingerie Teddy 

 Festival Time Hand Dyed Silk Robe

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