Bone Marrow by Holly Shawhan

I search my bone marrow
For traces of the venom
That has depleted me. 

Where are you?

I loved the familiarity of the pain
That I now can no longer locate. 
Seeping out through
The ink of my pen
Absorbed in these preceding pages.

stephen smith photography

Sweat out like a fever
Lifeless peace
I have exorcized you


I probe the hole where once you occupied
Like a tongue feeling the gum line
After a root canal
Painless chasm

Memory as an absence


Had I known that these words
Would exhume you from my tomb

stephen smith photography

Would I have had the courage
To ever put pen to pad?

stephen smith photography

Words by Holly Shawhan

Photography by Stephen Smith, follow him@iamstephensmith on Instagram

Model is Mariah Makalapua wearing her own jewelry creation (follow her @medicine.collective on Instagram): 

Zebra Jasper Charm  

And wearing Siobhan Barrett lingerie:

Bride to Be Black Lace Lingerie Teddy 


Black Magic Black Mesh Honeymoon Racer Back Bra

Sneak Peek Black Lace Honeymoon High Waisted Panties

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