As a woman I

Woman redux

  1. As a woman, I was once

Girl who wouldn’t smile

for the camera

or take no for an answer.

 lingerie bodysuit

Girl, she spit in the wind and smashed

ants on the driveway for the smell

that would be her perfume.

high waisted swimsuit

That one, Girl, she could read and walk

on stilts at one and the same time,  boys

running to look up her dress.

  1. As a woman, I was once
high waisted swimsuit

She who wrote on the shower wall with

her tongue & clawed the pillow

as birds pecked at her hair.

high waisted swimsuit

Woman, she was, poisoned by

the salt he rubbed in her wounds

until her tongue fell out.  

leopard print bodysuit

Woman, she gave, all that up for lent,

moved over and out and found

that letters and legs and dresses,

as a woman, I can           

once and for all.

kayla savage
Kayla Savage models Siobhan Barrett handmade lingerie and swimwear photographed by Jesse Murch. 
Kayla is wearing: 


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