Punishment or Prize by Arielle Mae

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Grey days and cold nights.


I watch the world slip by, day after day, and listen for your soft steps. Sometimes I catch you in the corner of my eye, dancing in the sunlight that cuts across the room, I inhale sharply, eyes wide and searching, but I’m never quite quick enough.


Shutting my eyes so tightly I see stars, and think about when everything seemed so simple.

I remember your sweet words whispered against my skin in the early morning light.


We spun stories together, through each day and into the night. You, never leaving my side. I remember your velvet touch, and the way you’d make me laugh. Can I create beauty without you? I fear it was you all along who carried me.


I watch the dust dancing slowly in the sunlight that warms my skin and I wonder, were you my punishment or my prize?"

Photography by Hailley Howard

Words by Arielle Mullen

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