Tarotscopes for the Self Made Hustler - November 2018

november tarotscopes 2018

Nine of Lemons (Pentacles)

Nine of Lemons (Pentacles)

Happy birthday month, Scorpio. It’s time for a universe-mandated celebration of you, and all your hard work. You’ve been in major transition mode all year, and have really come a long way.

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You have everything you need for the moment, thanks to you so give yourself permission to enjoy it. It’s safe to rest, it’s safe to celebrate, and it’s safe to stop hustling for a minute. This little empire you’ve built won’t crumble. Focus on the simple sensual pleasures of staying still this month, that’s your assignment, and it’s just as important as any arduous inner quest.

Five of Lemons (Pentacles)

Five of Lemons (Pentacles)

Sagittarius, what you seek is within reach, and this month brings you some help in getting there. It’s easy to forget that you can rely on anyone else. But there are some things that you’re not supposed to do on your own. 

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We’re a collaborative species, we’re built to help each other. What is it that you truly need? Is that the same as what you’ve been told you should have? Where could you use a boost? And then think of who you could ask for help. They’re probably close by. You’re gonna make it. You’re not alone.


King of Cups

king of cups
You’re the master of your emotional domain, Capricorn. This month asks you to step into your full power as a compassionate leader.

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Maybe that’s in your career, maybe in family life, maybe in a social or creative outlet. You’ve been doing a lot of personal work to get to a stage of robust emotional health, and now that your own cup is full and overflowing, you’re ready to hold space for others. The more you keep taking care of your own needs, the more you have to share, and the more you can keep from being swept away in others’ emotions.



Six of Lemons (Pentacles)

Six of Lemons (Pentacles)
Aquarius, you’re here to share your bountiful resources with the world. You’re coming into November renewed on so many levels, and ready to give back. And everything you have to offer is coming directly from your own self-healing over the past few months.


When you share resources with people this month, that can be in the form of money, time, attention, or advice when asked. But always, it’s given with joy, to equals. Because you know how hard it can be to just be a person and survive. You know what support feels like, too, that’s why you’re a great giver.


Page of Knives (Swords), reversed

Page of Knives (Swords), reversed
You know the phrase “look before you leap, Pisces? Well, sometimes it’s best to ignore it. This month, you are leaping into a new phase of evolution. If you think about it too much, you might get nervous and decide to not even try.

And really, the important thing is trying. Just start, and figure it out as you go. This is about learning by doing, getting the direct life experience that your soul desires. Maybe you’ll still be nervous from time to time, but you’ll get to look up and say, hey, I’m doing it, and that more than makes up for any nerves.


Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups

Aries, November brings you so many bright shiny possibilities. So many, that you can hardly keep them straight in your mind. Do you want to want to fly to Bali, open a boutique, write a memoir, learn tai chi, order pizza? What was the question again?

Life is full of beautiful options. When you allow them to immobilize you, that can mean there’s one clear option that stands out from the rest, but you might be afraid to choose it. But you’ve already chosen, so go with it, and goddess bless. The other options will still be there when you’re ready.

Knight of Pencils (Wands)

Knight of Pencils (Wands)

Hey Taurus, look at you! Look at all the cool fun things you’re doing this month, look at how much you’re enjoying putting on a show. You’ve got creativity to burn, and people are noticing.

That’s your job this month, be creative, be noticed, and have a great time with it. Make that art, wear that caftan, hit that dance floor. Because you’ve got a message to share and that can only get out to the world and the people who need to hear it through you doing your thing--exuberantly, sensuously, joyously doing your thing.


Eight of Knives (Swords)

Gemini, this month offers you the chance to pause in the midst of huge transformation. Eight of Knives shows a masterful, deep stillness. There’s a lot of self-possession involved in pausing to check in with yourself in the midst of a big move.

You can take time to sort out your ideas and listen to your intuition. Which way do you logically think is the best to go, and does that match your gut feeling? It’s ok if you can’t see the next steps right now, they may still be in formation. There’s no rush, you’re right on time.

The Hanged Woman

Take the path of discomfort this month, Cancer. It will be your biggest, most powerful teacher. The Hanged Woman is suspended upside-down from a tree, but she knows the value of gaining this totally unique perspective. So she accepts the discomfort, because it leads to the wisdom she seeks.

Some questions for working with this energy: Where do you prioritize comfort over growth? Where do you avoid vulnerability? Where can you be more patient? This is an invitation to a master class, and it isn’t always easy, but you are ready to be here, and it’s beautiful.

Three of Cups

Party at Leo’s house, everyone’s invited! But really, this month brings friendship and community into focus for you, and what better way to focus on friendship than inviting everyone over for a dance party? There’s something special about the love and growth we experience in a group setting, and it’s totally different from a one-on-one relationship, whether that’s romantic or platonic.

This month, anytime you’re interacting with two or more other people, consider that the three of you are acting out this card. How are you in sync? How are you supporting each other? How are you celebrating each other?

Ten of Cups

Virgo, some of the best things in life, we have neither worked for, nor believe we deserve. This month, be on the lookout for little gifts of love from the universe. Like a rainbow, a free cup of coffee, or a moment of connection.

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You could probably think of this as a karmic payoff, and puzzle out which of your good deeds led to this reward, but please do your best to avoid that. The point is, the universe loves you (and all of us), no matter what you do or how good you are. Maybe you didn’t “earn” it, but you are worthy.


Two of Knives (Swords), reversed

Libra, November is all about balance through boundaries. This is a time for quiet, for cutting back on distraction so you can hear yourself think. You may have some hesitation, and want to keep gathering information, or look for outside validation, but right now you’re the only one who can move you forward.

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You might want to record a voice memo, take a video of yourself, or do some pen and paper journaling in order to see what’s on your mind. When you give yourself time to get your thoughts out of your head, they might surprise you.


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